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Why Learn with BAAM?

For more details about anger management itself and what it entails, go to the What is Anger Management? page.

To read top journalists’ first-hand experience of our anger management courses, head over to the BAAM in the Media page.

The British Association of Anger Management is considered a world leader in the field. We’ve been healing anger issues since 1997. In that time we’ve worked with over 20,000 people. 95% of them have said that the course helped and one hundred percent said they’d recommend the course to another. Our service is completely confidential; never in our history have we been compromised in this regard.

Here at BAAM we offer a range of classes both online via Zoom or in person, one-on-one with a coach, or in a group. We also provide specific coaching for kids, teenagers, families and couples. Our clients are normal people, just like you. Many have simply found themselves overloaded, and are not reacting to that situation productively.

BAAM’s anger management classes are currently all taught by Mike Fisher, author of Beating Anger, considered the most influential text in the field. Mike makes regular appearances in the UK newspapers, radio, magazines and television. Our co-facilitators are rigorously evaluated and are all graduates of BAAM’s open Anger Academy training programme.

Working with the biggest names in the field over 20-plus years means we’ve been able to fine-tune our coaching programme and our packages to provide the most effective and convenient anger management classes available.

We gather from client feedback that ours are the only anger management courses to look at the causes of anger as well as the symptoms. We believe that once our clients are equipped with the tools to cope with their everyday temper issues, they are best served by beginning to treat the problem at its root.

BAAM’s community is active and engaged. Our clients set up WhatsApp groups (not mandatory!) to offer each other advice over messaging or on a call. These support groups carry on long after the courses are finished.

We also offer regular free Zoomcasts where you can hear our experts speak plus ask questions, and specialist workshops and seminars for anyone who wants to take a detailed look at anger management, self-knowledge, and communication skills.

The BAAM programme is fully recognised by UK law courts.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here or in the What is Anger Management? or the About BAAM pages, drop us an email in complete confidentiality – contact@angermanage.co.uk