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What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a HOT topic these days. It's something everyone seems to be talking about, but what does it mean?

Anger management refers to the ability to control those rising surges of anger and not let it control you! It's really just an extension of self-control – this time with a specific focus on frustration and anger because, well really, this is where most of us tend to lose our heads. And it doesn’t always mean it only relates to outbursts, but to ‘inbursts’ too, where people swallow their anger, rage and fury out of fear. Anger management is about becoming curious to what drives those angry feelings in the first place and because ‘anger’ gets such a bad wrap people tend to steer as far away from it as possible, and sadly this often only exacerbates the problem. Anger doesn’t ‘just go away’ - anger management gives you the skills and tools to learn to address the root causes, leaving you less triggered so you'll find yourself less reactionary. When last were you taught that at school?

How do you know if you need anger management?

Well, you’ll always know if your anger has gotten out of control. You'll find yourself lashing out at others more often than usual, or succumbing to unhealthy habits to numb strong feelings away. If this is happening, it might be time for a little extra help to address those feelings. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of the biggest reliefs in our clients comes from recognising how many other people feel just like them. In fact, over the years, we've come to realise that anyone can do our programmes regardless of whether they have anger problems or not - mostly because, the likelihood of having to manage someone who does is pretty high and we need all the skills we can get.


Need a lifestyle change?

Here are some of our most attended courses.

Online Group Course

Our most popular anger management class, as seen in The Sunday Times, has helped thousands of people recover from anger, stress and anxiety.

In Person Group Course

Anger management classes taught in person are back! BAAM’s Weekend Course has been featured in The Daily MailStylist magazine and more.


Not sure where to start?

Here are intros which aim to get you started.

Initial Assessment
All prospective one to one clients are asked to take an initial assessment. This in-depth conversation will assist your decision-making process and give us an idea of the best approach for you.


Introduction Course
This two-hour evening Zoom workshop offers a snapshot of anger management training. You’ll also meet other people in the same situation.

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