We need to talk
16th May 2016Programmes Standard

The success of relating between any two or more people is premised on the quality of their communication and how effectively each person’s needs are being expressed and heard by the other, allowing for true dialogue and the meeting of every individual’s need to be truly seen and heard.

Areas covered:

  • Clear Communication: Listening, making certain you understand each other, clearly expressing feelings, no shame – no blame, learning to connect through communicating clearly.
  • Respect for each other’s needs: Recognising your own needs and meeting them so that you can meet another’s needs, prioritizing your needs to increase your self-esteem and reduce your stress.
  • Validating each other’s experiences: Moving from Duality to embracing Zero Duality by not using words such as “should or shouldn’t”, “right or wrong”, “my fault-your fault”. Letting go of attachments.
  • Taking Risks – stepping out of our comfort zones: Jumping the curve, stepping out of your comfort zone, taking ownership of your own behaviour, recognizing your part in conflict and letting go of expectations your’s and other’s.

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