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Watch The Wisdom Track Podcast #5 Now!

Watch our panel examine forgiveness and reconciliation here.

BAAM’s latest Wisdom Track Podcast takes a special look at the tricky subject of forgiveness and reconciliation. Read Snake’s blog on the subject beforehand for some background.

We were honoured to be joined by some of the core members of Inside Circle, the organisation whose work includes running group therapy sessions in maximum security US jails.

Inside Circle is featured in The Work, the award-winning documentary now showing on Amazon Prime. The film concerns a therapy support group at the infamous Folsom maximum security prison in California.

You can watch above or on YouTube and Facebook; you can listen to the recording on Apple podcasts, Spotify and Buzzsprout. Please like, comment and subscribe! These little things make a huge difference when it comes to the channels putting our message in front of new viewers and listeners.

23rd November 2020

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