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Watch The Wisdom Track Podcast 5 Now!

Watch The Wisdom Track Podcast #5 Now!


In the latest episode of The Wisdom Track podcast, BAAM explores the difficult and complex topic of forgiveness and reconciliation. Steve Beale (prolific journalist for many publications including Dazed & Confused) introduces Snake Bloomstrand and our special guests Jim Mitchell, Dave Klaus, and Aaron Burris, as well as members of Inside Circle. This organization runs group therapy sessions in maximum security US jails.

The episode begins with a discussion of Snake’s blog on forgiveness, providing listeners with some background on this tricky topic – especially given the recent enviroment of Covid and Lockdown. From there, the conversation turns to the work of Inside Circle and their approach to group therapy sessions, particularly in the context of maximum security prisons.

As the discussion continues, the hosts and guests delve deeper into the topic of forgiveness, exploring the various challenges and obstacles that can make it so difficult to achieve – perhaps most especially when it comes to forgiving ourselves. Whilst forgiveness can imply that you may want to remain in relationship with someone, it is sometimes not unconditional. Many times it requires a change in behaviour in order for a relationship to continue and a certain amount of accountability – not judgement, but accountability. They discuss the role of empathy, the importance of self-forgiveness, and how forgiveness can lead to reconciliation and healing.

Throughout the podcast, the hosts and guests offer valuable insights and perspectives on this crucial topic, whether it relates to politics, culture or the judiciary system. Drawing on their own experiences and recognising what is at risk if you fail to forgive yourself and therefore unable to give yourself permission to move forward in your own life. 

Whether you’re struggling to forgive someone in your own life or simply interested in learning more about this complex subject. In fact, this panel even discusses the impossiblity of asking certain groups to ‘forgive’ oppressors and really invites the question how an individual might have to let go of that huge ask and focus on ‘doing the work’ of what remains to be reconciled within themselves – so that they can live more fully in their own lives. 

Listeners can watch the podcast on YouTube and Facebook or listen to the recording on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Buzzsprout. As always, likes, comments, and subscriptions are greatly appreciated, as they help spread the word and ensure this valuable resource reaches as many people as possible.

Overall, this episode of The Wisdom Track is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the topic of forgiveness and reconciliation. By the end of it, it will leave you feeling hopeful for being part of a conversation with rich, articulate and empowered men.



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