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Watch The Wisdom Track Podcast #4 Live

Watch 'What's Love Got to Do with it?' live at 4pm UK on Saturday 24 October!

BAAM’s next Wisdom Track Podcast examines how couples both gay and straight can help each other during tough times. How can we provide mutual support and not let those challenges drive us apart? 

Watch live at 4pm UK time on Saturday 24 October via the following links:



Can’t join us live? Then you can still watch the recording on the channels above, and we’ll be hosting the video on this web page too through the window above.

You can read Snake Bloomstrand’s podcast preview where he takes a look at ‘the art of the disagreement’ and the impact of self-esteem on couples’ disagreements. Can we really love anyone else before we learn how to love ourselves?

Our special guests are: David Waters, a psychotherapist specialising in relationships who’s a founding faculty member of Alain de Botton’s School of Life, and Vicky Zimmerman, the darkly humourous romantic fiction author dubbed ‘the chick lit author it’s OK to like.’

Send your questions for the panel in advance to admin@angermanage.co.uk.

We’ll be announcing the live links in due course but follow us on YouTubeFacebook and now Instagram for direct updates and subscribe to the audio version on Apple Podcasts.

See you on Saturday!

20th October 2020

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  1. Hi Everybidy

    I wS diagnosed With adhd at 50 last year and I am asking how can this impact people who can’t take therapy on board as much as they need it and want it desperately Because of the constant busy mind a lot of what I tried to put into practise has been very difficult. My mind is hyper on the outside in as calm as a cool cat. This is my visor

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