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The Wisdom Track Podcast: Better loving for Heterosexual Men

BAAM co-founder Mike Fisher and Craig ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand are joined by Paul Abramowitz, writer of a new book Sexed.

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Sexed examines heterosexual male sexuality, and proposes that we “Develop personal methods of enquiry into greater self-understanding, meaningful sex and conscious relating and that in fact , when we are able to change the way we understand perceive and embrace our sexuality as men our entire reality changes.”

Paul’s late father was a gynaecologist and sex therapist. Paul’s 14-year involvement with the men’s consciousness movement confirmed his long standing suspicion of a “Disappeared conversation around heterosexual male sexuality and its impact on our sense of self agency and overall wellbeing as men.” Paul has studied both eastern and later in western sexology, and operates a therapy space for couples and individuals working in matters of sex and intimacy, using his own model of deep transformational sex therapy detailed in Sexed.

Sexed is out now from Amazon.

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  1. I found this podcast super interesting as one rarely hears much about male sexuality (besides sensational articles in the Cosmo and GQ magazine).

    And what I liked most was that you have proudly written a book about “heterosexual” male sexuality as it is not that PC these days to say that you are a heterosexual male because you don’t want to offend women and same sex relations (or trans) etc etc!

    Thanks for your instrumental part in bringing heterosexual male sexuality out of the forgotten shadows and proudly into the light it deserves. I am looking forward to other podcasts and articles about your book. Well done!

  2. Superb sharing Paul!!
    Such a beautiful blend of intellectualizing the subject of being hetero normative (and male) …with how to ‘live’ and ‘embody’ a new/ more woke- to- self and conscious way of inhabiting maleness..
    I particularly liked the invitation to curiosity rather than adversity …and I believe that a follow on conversation would be most powerful if had with a woman in the field of sexology..
    This conversation opener that you offer feels way overdue ,and yet , also way ahead of this moment ‘right now’ .BUT, as a firm believer in the appropriate conversations arriving in perfect timing , I feel that there is something quite pivotal in the timing of right now !! There is so much Saturation …especially after the pandemic porn binge …and a boring narrative around sex… a perfect time to talk !!
    It is invaluable guidance you offer for all couples work and I experience this, with so much gratitude, first hand ,in my practice – and daily!
    Bringing all of the info you share so beautifully into practical ways of upskilling behaviours really does make it feel as if you have birthed a masterpiece!

    Dr Andrea Philips
    Clinical Psych.

  3. Well done Paul. Having listened to the podcast and gaining some insight into the matter on hand has opened a dialogue with my younger self as well as my partner on his experience of growing up with a somewhat overloaded amount of hormones.

    What I grew up with and ‘accepted’ from the opposite sex, is definitely no longer acceptable in the world we live in today. A considerable amount of psychological harm was caused.

    Interesting that most of these men in my age group (middle aged and upwards) still remain ‘stuck’ in their hormone based adolescent reactive behaviour and continue to circulate disrespectable comments, sexist jokes etc amongst themselves,
    while postmenopausal women grow stronger in their own power and any hurt that they may still have turns to pity for those still ‘stuck’. Sad, as we ‘miss’ each other….

    So definitely time to ‘talk’.

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