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The Wisdom Podcast: Shame Workshop

Join us LIVE on Zoom (audio only) on Sat 13 Feb at 4pm for a free seminar!

The Wisdom Track Podcast presents a special workshop examining and treating ‘shame’, the disproportionate sense of inadequacy and guilt becoming ever more prevalent in Western society.

You can join this special episode via Zoom, plus ask questions and join in the conversation! Paste the link below in your browser to register:

Meeting ID: 949 6490 3232

We’ll only be broadcasting audio, so nobody on the call will appear as a video thumbnail. Please be aware that the session will be recorded.

Joining Mike Fisher and ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand is Chris Cherry. Chris is an experienced psychotherapist and the co-founder of You Okay, Doc?, an organisation providing therapy and mental health advice for doctors.

The discussion will centre around Snake’s ‘Three Rs’ that you can read about in his latest column accompanying the podcast here:

Regret – examine the impact of your actions on yourself and others.

Remorse – are your actions congruent with how you want to be perceived?

Release – be accountable for your words and actions make amends if appropriate. Do so with compassion and humility. Learn the lesson. Accept you are human, and not a god. 

Then move forward. 

Tune in LIVE at 4pm on Saturday 13 February on YouTube to listen to the broadcast as it happens and put your questions to the panel. You can listen to the recording on Apple podcasts, Spotify and Buzzsprout at a later date or find all of our Wisdom Track Podcasts here on the BAAM website.

9th February 2021

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