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The Art of Sleep

Preside Meditation’s new Sleep Study Group starts soon.

The new Sleep Study course from our friends at Preside Meditation will be available online soon. 

You can sign up and download the modules according to your own schedule.

Preside’s Archie Wu says, “The Sleep Study Group is four weeks long, at a very relaxed pace, and will focus on helping you overcome logistical and anxiety-related problems that prevent you from having a healthy regular practice of reliable, nourishing sleep,” he continues, “To achieve this goal, we will teach you a set of meditation-related exercises which will be very easy to practice. They’re exercises designed to help you relax during bedtime, but also to help you practice your ‘relaxation reflex’ all throughout the day.”

The set of 12 different exercises will assist you in “building a lifelong practice for sleeping well,” says Archie, “there’s exercises for bedtime, when you wake up in the middle of the night, and even for all throughout your waking day. So that you are strengthening your ‘sleep muscles’, as it were, at every opportunity. And at the end of the training month you will have established these exercises as a part of your personal skill set, all throughout the rest of your life.”

The program is only US$95 (around £75) and can be rewatched again.

Sign up via this link and, and sleep well tonight!

17th November 2020

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