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Could YOU benefit from the emotional literacy that we train in anger management?

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Emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’ is one of the most useful skills we can develop, both personally and professionally. The ability to identify and manage our own true feelings, and empathise with others, can make our relationships much more productive, positive and meaningful.

Often, those if us who seek anger management training struggle to be in touch with our emotions, and consequently to express them too. Fear and confusion then manifests as anger.

Fortunately EQ can be developed and honed. Emotional literacy, and the courage to explain your standpoint clearly and confidently, is a key component of BAAM’s anger management training programme.

Take our new Emotional Intelligence Test right now to gauge your own EQ, and see if your relationships – including your relationship with yourself – could benefit from BAAM’s coaching and tuition.

Click here to take the test and find out!

7th February 2021

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