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Riding The Rapids

Riding the Rapids

Riding the Rapids


8 x 2 hour sessions delivered online using the platform Adobe connect which allows for virtual classroom interaction via webcam/microphones.

Do you find yourself being driven crazy by having to constantly deal with inappropriate behavior in the classroom or in the playground when you really need to stay focused and get on with teaching?

Learning to deal with young peoplesʼ anger in schools is vital as we live in an age whereby any student may use high levels of aggression to protect themselves or make a stand for what they believe. Itʼs no longer about the survival of the fittest but sometimes simply survival of the angriest. The problem is that standing up for what you believe does not necessarily require an aggressive outburst and that is the key factor and focus in what the 16 hour programme ʻRiding The Rapidsʼ is about.

In today’s society, the school is expected to make up for the shortcomings in the parenting environment. If that is the case, then teachers, learning mentors and support staff need to have the required skills in dealing with high levels of anger and stress amongst young people on a daily basis.

Riding the Rapids will offer you the key skills and tools in understanding how to identify the trigger points and strategically de-escalate anger in advance of it getting out of control.

Anger is often the source of most altercations and there are times a child does not possess the ability to rationalise what is appropriate or inappropriate when someone is hurting or embarrassing them. Virtually every conflict and every argument is a result of misguided anger and not being able to control it.

Who will benefit from A.P.T.

All staff in mainstream and special schools, primary and secondary; Allied education professionals; Youth practitioners; Social Care staff.

What you will learn:

  • • The most up to date techniques fundamental to anger management and preventing aggression.
  • • Personal effectiveness in communication for dealing with threatening, confrontational and angry classroom and playground situations.
  • • How to draw from your own insights and integrate them into the APT model.
  • • How to create strong personal boundaries in order to communicate effectively and assertively.
  • • To recognise and understand what young people need in the heat of the moment and how to deliver it without compromising your integrity.
:Staff• Improved well-being

• Reduced staff absenteeism

• Improved morale

• Reduced staff turnover

• Reduced costs

• Improved productivity

• Reduced conflict at work


• Improved student well-being

• Increased confidence

• Greater attention and concentration

• Proven support from staff

• Reduced all round conflict

• Real personal development

• Increase in well being and self esteem

What a 16 hour
Aggression Prevention
will teach you:

Managing my Anger
We help you explore and deconstruct your own
personal relationship with anger and how you
manage it under pressure. If you manage your
anger appropriately, you automatically model
healthy and appropriate anger for young people
to do the same.

Dealing with Other Peoples Anger
We cover strategies and tactics for managing
challenging young people and threatening

The course will provide the following skills:

• The Rules of Anger Management
• Sources of Anger
• Beating Stress
• The Impact of Emotional Regression
• How to Stay Grounded and Calm
• Recognise what Triggers You and Others
• Developing Coping Strategies Immediately
• Anger Styles and Substitutes
• When to Contain and when to Assert
• Defence Mechanisms<
• Conflict Resolution
• The Assault Cycle
• Power and its use in Challenging Situations
• Strategies for Controlling Angry Situations
• Not taking Anything Personally
• Developing and Maintaining healthy boundaries
• Staying Out of the Way of Danger
• Active Listening Skills

To register your interest for the above course please email us directly at admin@angermanage.co.uk

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