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The Tyranny Of Perfection Workshop: Part 1

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Duration: 4 weekly Sessions – 2.5 Hours Each Session.
Dates: 6th Nov 2021 (sat) | 13th Nov 2021 (sat) | 20th Nov 2021 (sat) | 4th Dec 2021 (sat).
Time: 2:30PM – 5:00PM (GMT)
Programme: Mixed group.
Cost: £495.

‘Anger Guru’ Mike Fisher and Personal Development Coach Craig ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand are hosting a series of live ZOOM workshops around the topic of ‘Shame’ this spring.

The Tyranny of Perfection program will take the format of interactive group sessions led by Mike and Snake. The hosts will also provide rich information, practical advice, and helpful techniques for mind, body and spirit.

Brene Brown, the feted academic whose TED Talk The Power of Vulnerability brought shame to a global audience, describes it as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” Brown differentiates guilt as remorse over our behaviour, whereas shame is disgust over our self.

Shame, in the therapeutic sense, is a dysfunctional mindset dominated by self-reproach, inadequacy and, for some, self-hatred. Many people seeking help from BAAM’s anger management programs suffer from self-defence anger linked to shame-based thinking. This is often wildly out of proportion. But it can be bolstered by the real-life effects of not only our anger issues but any form of self-criticism, however legitimate, creating a ‘shame spiral’.

Snake explains that the workshop series is titled ‘The Tyranny of Perfection’ because “perfection is aspirational and seldom achievable, while tyranny is reliably abusive and trauma inducing.” Shame-based thinking can express itself as perfectionism; we desperately try to avoid criticism – and self-flagellation – by attempting to live to impossible standards. When this endeavour inevitably fails, our shame is further compounded.

The topics Mike and Snake will cover include:

• Reacting to feedback and criticism – separating opportunities for healthy development from chances for shame.
•Withdrawing to avoid the prospect of shame altogether.
•Destructive comparisons with others, and how this can be a ‘power play’ to avoid responsibility or elicit pity.
•Expressing vulnerability and weakness in a healthy way.
•Embracing personal sovereignty and risk-friendly attitudes.
•Trauma and the ‘fight or flight’ reflex – the polyvagal theory.
•Sharing shame and externalising trauma.

“Facilitated group work develops a measure of emotional confidence and familiarity that better prepares the individual to come out of hiding, and share honestly with significant others,” says Snake of group work. ‘Shame’ is a relevant topic for us all. Whether you struggle with a guilty conscience, harsh self judgment or are simply on a path of greater self-awareness understanding the impact of shame on your emotional well-being is a critical and necessary exploration.

5 reviews for The Tyranny Of Perfection Workshop: Part 1

  1. Anonymous

    Literally life changing! Through this facilitated work group, Mike & Snake have created a safe place to explore your relationship with perfection and shame through space and time. A space rich with their knowledge of the subject matter which they hold expertly as they guide you to a place in which you can begin to let go of the shame-based narratives that have been holding you back. This really is priceless stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    Mike and Snake, working together, create a unique place of safety in this 4 session program. For the first time in my life, I have confronted the source code of my shame. It has been literally ‘mind blowing’. Thank you both for putting this workshop together – I am astonished at how effective it has been for me

  3. Anonymous

    I am experiencing a new combination of feelings these days
    “Peacefully confident happy .. and with a very open heart”
    As with my anger, I am now “at peace” with my toxic shame and previous tendency to descend into a shame spiral. I am very clear that this is something that I learned and can just as easily unlearn
    I am aware of being much more consciously connected with my subconscious which is quite extraordinary. It has given me access to a nurturing dialogue with “my self”
    My internal “road less travelled” ability to process deeply affective experience through my pre-frontal cortex has now taken over from my amygdala hijack as my superhighway ..
    That’s a miracle for me and has freed me from a background of dysthymia and I now feel deeply .. the full spectrum of feeling
    It’s still unfamiliar .. but as I am learning to pay attention, it is becoming more familiar ..
    So I thank you Mike (and now Snake as well) for guiding me and putting me in touch with these fellow travellers

  4. Anonymous

    If you have issues with perfectionism then this course is for you. I can only say that it has certainly changed how i experience and view myself. Simply life changing

  5. Anonymous

    I attended the TOP workshop with initial resistance as to whether or not it was right for me. Little did I realise how many a layer was yet to be uncovered. Shame is that silent intruder that creeps in when you’re fast asleep and slowly erases what it feels like to have a sense of joy or peace. It is all too easy to make that default one’s sense of identity. This workshop provided useful ground to really examine those quiet drowning voices…even finding some you did not even know about reflected by other people sharing. Both Snake and Mike offered a staggering resource of skill and well of experience and humanity for us to sit in and stew. It takes a good guide to stay on track of a steely burglar! Ironically, I learnt that shame is an invitation to compassion. It was incredibly powerful to put a name, shape and form to something that is, by nature, utterly silent yet suffocating. The other members in the group were profoundly courageous and vulnerable; having traversed this territory for too long they sat in the uncomfortability of staring some dark spaces directly in the face. Somehow, this brought in a particular depth of holding, realness and truth rarely experienced in life and quite simply unforgettable. They have become fellow companions to growth in all the murky waters. I find myself deeply humbled and filled with gratitude – and not so quietly suffering – no longer sitting alone in the undermining voices that arise internally. I was even able to notice, that in certain relationships that ordinarily would have me spiralled into a small person, I have not even been triggered. This seems something of a miracle to me. I think it must have something to do with ‘owning’ those demeaning voices – you get to have a say over them as opposed to them wreaking havoc. I focused group space is pretty much the only way one could  engage in such a re-organisation of the mind and I could not recommend it enough. You are worth the freedom and peace of mind.

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