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The Power of NO Workshop




Duration: Two Sessions – 2.5 Hours Each Session.
Dates: Saturdays – 16, 23 October 2021
Time: 2:30PM – 5:00PM (GMT)
Programme: Mixed group.
Cost: £245.00

‘Anger Guru’ Mike Fisher and Personal Development Coach Craig ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand are hosting a series of live ZOOM workshops around The Power of ’NO’ this Autumn.

Although introduced to the word during childhood, confusion increases when we take NO for a walk in the adult world.

Those working in sales learn to hear NO as an invitation to further dialog. Popular sales wisdom is to get a minimum of three NOs before moving on. In the sales mind NO is temporary, an obstacle to be cleared.

In the realm of intimate adult relationships, family, friends or lovers, the word carries even greater emotional impact. When those we rely on for connection and support deliver a firm “NO” we often respond with confusion.

These two letters of the alphabet are not to be underestimated, NO can be persuasive, controlling, inhibiting and potentially liberating. NO has earned a reputation as a linguistic giant capable of bridging language, dialect and culture, free to roam the entire globe.

And this expansive influence doesn’t stop there with the power this one humble little word has to govern our actions. I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the NO we speak (or refuse to speak) to ourselves when alone and facing the mirror.

The self-imposed NO.

NO to the leftover chocolate cake waiting patiently in the fridge.

NO to endless midnight internet searches.

NO to sex, drugs and rock and roll.

This annoying NO plays a key role in a largely solitary dialog governing our behaviour, habits and preferences. Setting and maintaining boundaries with others is a snap compared to self-imposed boundaries, and further complicated by the often-pitiful response, “But I want to.”

The self-imposed NO ranks among the most challenging to ignore, difficult to respect and at times nearly impossible to speak.

Perhaps the NO with the most destructive force is the one we swallow.

NO, you’re not:

Smart enough

Pretty enough

Rich enough

Talented enough

NO, you just don’t measure up… Gulp.

Nocturnal by nature, this NO usually heard in the wee hours of the night has managed to convince many a man and woman not to even try. It’s drained them of ambition, and topped them off with insecurity.

Equally destructive is its sidekick, the NO we believe absolutely needs to be said but swallow instead of speaking up… Gulp.

Hands down, NO! is certainly the most complicated word in human history.

So, what exactly do you still not understand?


The topics Mike and Snake will cover include:

  • Why no actually means yes and yes means no!
  • Learn how to manage your energy levels
  • When is NO not healthy
  • Assertiveness is priceless
  • Controlling the yes monster in you
  • Finding balance in your work life matrix
  • How much has your yes already cost you?


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