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Mentoring the Inner Child – 4 Day Workshop


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Duration: 4 weekly Sessions – 3 Hours Each Session.
Dates: 9th Sept 2021 (Thurs) | 16th Sept 2021 (Thurs) |23rd Sept 2021 (Thurs) | 30th Sept 2021 (Thurs).
Time: 7:00PM – 10:00PM (GMT)
Programme: Mixed group.
Cost: £495.

The significance (or lack of significance) we attach to the experience of childhood is often colored by immature fears or expectations, understandable, we were children. Many claim to have little or no memory of childhood. The notion of examining what you can’t remember or peering into the past may feel more like tricky intellectual Ju Jitsu than valuable inquiry.

We may not recall the details accurately, but even as adults our bodies are quick to feel the emotions. Memories of childhood may be forgotten, denied or avoided altogether yet there’s little doubt this early childhood collaboration of mind and body leaves an enduring imprint that can inform the adult.

Curiosity, spontaneous affection and wide-eyed wonder also roam the experience of the inner child. Human qualities we seldom consider as adults yet envy when we see actual children play and interact with others in an uninhibited way. Perhaps we were born with easy access and encouraged to temper our enthusiasm. Maybe we were judged by those we admired and simply jettisoned our more endearing human qualities as irrelevant to becoming an adult.

And this is where we can enrol our inner mentor. Mentors teach, listen, guide and support. They gift us with wisdom helping to guide us towards our fullness and our inner mentor is no different. We need to develop our openness to being mentored – a skill that can then easily be enrolled to mentor others. In this 4-day workshop you will learn self mentoring skills, to heal the child within and reclaim the innocence, joy and wonder for our adult lives. We will use voice dialogue, journalling, visualisations and poetry to access our creativity and in so doing nurture, support and love the magical child within.


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