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Bespoke Anger Management Courses



Bespoke Anger Management

“Anger is my fuel”

Bespoke Anger Management Courses

We offer bespoke anger management courses to private and public organisations, which can be held at our premises or at any designated venue.

• Select from various proven modules to meet your needs
• Have BAAM train your staff in anger management skills
• Conduct an internal audit to assess levels of distress in the workplace
• Get help in dealing with corporate stress and conflict resolution

Give us a call if you have any questions or would like
to discuss your needs.

Some of the organisations BAAM has worked with:

• Social Services
• Court Services
• Probation Services
• Youth Criminal Justice
• London Underground
• Police Services
• State Schools
• Connexions
• South Central Train Services
• Ford
• BT

Please call the office on: 0345 1300 286 or use our contact form to discuss any further enquiry.

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