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Beating Anger

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We all feel angry at times. It can be an uncomfortable emotion, yet it is almost a taboo subject. We get very little guidance in our culture on how to deal with it, and the guilt or violence that may accompany it.

Here is the perfect book to help anyone from 16-75 years old to beat their anger – or help anyone else to do the same. Aimed at parents, families, young adults and teachers, social and youth workers, health care professionals, managers, customer service departments, psychotherapists and counsellors – there cannot be many men or women who have not felt uncomfortable when they are angry, and wondered what to do about it.

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1 review for Beating Anger

  1. Anonymous

    “I just wanted to let you know, I have just finished your book ‘Beating Anger’, and it has been a revelation! For years I have been passive-aggressive without even realising it. I have dealt with numerous situations appallingly because of it (the most recent I’ve nearly had a nervous breakdown over it!) and have been wracked with guilt and regret over the way I express my anger.
    I have also identified a few major negative core beliefs that I believe have been holding me back and filling me with resentment, and because of them have placed ridiculously high expectations on myself and others, and have also become very judgemental.
    Your book, combined with a positive thinking seminar I recently attended, will now help me to overcome these issues and become the person I want to be. Thank you!”

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