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Beating Anger Online Group Course

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BAAM’s Core Online Anger Management Course

The Beating Anger group anger management course is designed for anyone committed to controlling their anger, and exploring why they get as angry as they do.

You’ll discover  coping strategies to safely control and transform your anger once and for all. Plus you’ll develop an accurate profile of your own anger and stress levels, giving you valuable insight into what triggers your reactions. In turn, you’ll be able to manage how you express frustration more creatively and productively. Technically the classes are ‘psycho-educational’ but could be described as anger management therapy and counselling.

The Beating Anger Online course helps to examine how anger often takes root in traumatic childhood experiences. Withdrawal of love, inappropriate punishments, rejection, bullying, and shaming are examples of historical issues that can fuel present-day anger.

Ranging from those that are extravagantly aggressive in their anger demonstrations, to those who inhibit and suppress their rage, Beating Anger Online helps you step through your fear and inhibitions to start the process of effectively dealing with your anger and that of others within a few weeks.

To ask about anger management for children or teenagers, please email us at admin@angermanage.co.uk and we’ll get straight back.

How will it benefit you

  • * Immediately feel lighter and happier in yourself
  • * Recognise you are not alone in your suffering
  • * Increase your happiness quotient
  • * Increase your self-esteem
  • * Understand the fundamentals of self-regulation
  • * Living to your full potential
  • * View yourself from a new perspective
  • * Celebrate difference and diversity
  • * Save money by taking the online version
  • * Save time as there is no travelling involved
  • * Focus and concentrate easier from the comfort of your home
  • * Receive video recordings of the sessions
  • * Get vital support from others in the same position

What you will learn

  • * The difference between passive and active aggression
  • * What anger is not
  • * The different types of anger
  • * How to avoid shame spirals
  • * Anger from the perspective of a child, an adult, and a parent
  • * The regressive power of historical anger
  • * Managing stress, and techniques for resolving conflicts
  • * To stop taking things so personally
  • * How to interrupt negative emotional cycles
  • * To express your anger cleanly
  • * Why stress fuels your anger
  • * To control your thoughts and mistaken beliefs
  • * Strategies to cope with other people’s anger
  • * The six golden rules of anger management

The Beating Anger interactive course is delivered online via the video conferencing platform Zoom. This technology enables us to deliver this course to participants all over the world and give the interaction needed to deliver authentic life-changing results.

It’s easy to get started with Zoom.

You can signup at any time prior to purchasing this course, simply make sure the email address you used to signup remains the same in your order.

Who could attend this course:

  • * Anyone who is hurting themselves and others with their anger, rage, and fury
  • * Parents who cannot deal with their angry children
  • * Anyone who knows someone suffering from anger issues
  • * Individuals who have to deal with the consequences of chronic rage and anger
  • * People who need to be more assertive and less passive-aggressive

The course will offer real added value to:

  • * Parents and Adults
  • * Health and care professionals
  • * Teachers who need to find creative ways of managing disruptions in the class
  • * Customer service staff, call centre personnel and people managers

Course Schedule


14th September 2021 to 16th November 2021 7:00 PM to 10 PM (GMT) with a 15-minute break halfway through.
Sessions: 10 x 3 hours each on a Tuesday
Dates: 14/09/2021, 21/09/2021, 28/09/2021, 05/10/2021, 12/10/2021, 19/10/2021, 26/10/2021, 02/11/2021, 09/11/2021, 16/11/2021

13th October 2021 to 15th December 2021 7:00 PM to 10 PM (GMT) with a 15-minute break halfway through.
Sessions: 10 x 3 hours each on a Wednesday
Dates: 13/10/2021, 20/10/2021, 27/10/2021, 03/11/2021, 10/11/2021, 17/11/2021, 24/11/2021, 01/12/2021, 08/12/2021, 15/12/2021

Note: Give yourself 30 minutes before the first session to get to grips with Zoom, this will allow time to deal with any technical issues you may have. You will be emailed invitations and reminders to each session nearer the time.


Laptop / Desktop Computer (Phones/Tablets aren’t up to the task)

Stable internet connection (Min 8mb/s, check your speed here)

Microphone headset is a must. It decreases distortion and feedback across the group and allows others to hear you clearly

You must have a built-in / plug-in webcam

Ensure you are in a PRIVATE space, with no background noise

Your full attendance, (you won’t be able to get a certificate if you miss sessions)

Helpful Links:
Check your broadband speed
Recommended Microphone Headset

Please note: we reserve the right to revoke your access to the group at any time should you sign up and not meet the above requirements. You will be asked to accept our terms and conditions on the checkout page. Please be sure to read these as this course is non-refundable. 

30 reviews for Beating Anger Online Group Course

  1. Anonymous

    Hi everyone, I am feeling free and happy I have to say to everyone the best thing I have ever done in my LIFE is meet Mr wonderful Mike Fisher who I feel has saved me and I thank him so much for his help!
    I have more power then ever before and realise anger is a waste of energy. Now I kill with kindness and I feel a million dollars
    Mike, I tell everyone about you. I am sharing what you have taught me with my family and friends everyone can’t believe it’s me.
    I wake up every day thanking and happy to be alive and I thank you so much

  2. Anonymous

    Mike I would like to thank you deeply for facilitating our group with such openness, congruency, sincerity, and dedication. I learned so much through the psychoeducational content of the course as well as the experiential learning. I felt challenged, supported and held. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in it. The weekly meetings (of the online course) gave me the opportunity to process all that had been shared and learned each week. The material and theories you shared with us were invaluable and accessible; I have come to better understand what fuels my anger and how to identify the root causes. I am putting this knowledge into practice every day and it continues to inform a more compassionate relationship with myself, and others, for the better. There is still a long way to go, however, I feel I have the tools needed to navigate this journey more skillfully and mindfully going forward. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous

    Mike – you are an amazing teacher. You have enlightened one side of our emotions that most people don’t like to talk about – anger. I have found what I was looking for – connection. Connection with myself. Knowing and believing in myself. It’s an epiphany moment. I now need to share this with my wife and family. I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

  4. Anonymous

    The course that mike delivers is content rich, helping each individual participant understand the drivers behind their emotions and their responses and reactions to these emotions. There is plenty for the rational analytical brain to hold on to, with information and explanation, science and psychology. Simultaneously the course delivers deep experiential learning that really embeds itself in the participants, both by practicing the tools mike gives together in groups and by witnessing the individual experiences of others in the group.

    The dynamics Mike creates within the course allow a deep understanding to unfold within the group, making a safe space for everyone to be vulnerable and courageous, and for deep transformation to occur.

    I would highly recommend this course to everyone whether anger is a daily issue that results in rage and violent outbursts or a quiet and repressed internal anger that hides inside you. The course gives space and acceptance for your emotions and provides tools for clearing the space to express anger and other emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

    This course most definitely has the power to change your life.

  5. Anonymous

    Mike, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to change my life for the better. Your knowledge is so invaluable to me on a daily basis – I only wish I discovered you 20 years ago. Thanks again and I’m so glad that your door is always open

  6. Anonymous

    What I specifically liked about the course is that Mike has a profound ability to deliver complex theories and concepts in a relaxed, gentle, and patient style that made them and him incredibly easy to understand. No need to learn any “counsellor” speak. Phew.

  7. Anonymous

    I want to thank you for your wisdom and expertise and your inspiring dedication to the subject, because you have undoubtedly made me a better practitioner, and I hope, wife and mother too.

  8. Anonymous

    I owe you a huge gratitude. I found the course to be probably the most emotionally challenging thing I have ever done, but the rewards since have been well worth it. I thought you ran the course brilliantly and it was inspiring to listen to you speak about your experiences and your wisdom about dealing with anger.
    The course with Mike Fisher was truly remarkable and totally inspirational. It was a journey of discovery for us all that not only uncovered patterns and feelings in a very warm, safe space but that shone light in a beautiful way on the essence of what it is to be human.

  9. Anonymous

    I am the girlfriend of a participant and I just want to say a huge thank you to you. He is able to cope with his anger a lot better these days and it is allowing for much better communication between us.

  10. Anonymous

    When I said you changed my life yesterday – I meant it. I know there is still lots of work to do but you gave me the chance to breath again and start to see life with new eyes. I trusted you and it worked and I’ll ALWAYS be grateful to you, really grateful….. I don’t believe anyone else could have helped the same. That’s my genuine belief.

  11. Anonymous

    The Workshop provided me with 2 tangible tools. An understanding of where my anger comes from and therefore an improved mechanism to recognise the symptoms and address the feelings before they explode into anger. I’ve taken these lessons into my life, and it has had a transformational impact.

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Mike

    Thanks for everything. I have learnt so much about myself over the last couple of months. A truly life changing experience and for the first time in my life I feel I am now in control of my anger and have the coping strategies to deal with any future pressure points.

    Wishing you all good things

  13. Anonymous

    I was told by someone at the beginning that you were wise. And indeed, there is much
    wisdom and compassion in the way you work and for which I am very grateful. I think there is probably much that you said that will probably also click over time. For the moment, I keep in mind the question of how much I value myself. All else proceeds from that. I wanted to wish you all the best with the A to Z project and I shall keep reading your blog

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Mike
    I am the girlfriend of a participant and I just want to say a huge thank you to you. He is able to cope with his anger a lot better these days and it is allowing for much better communication between us.
    He told me you are not feeling good about a girl leaving the course. Just to say so far you have a success story here and maybe her time was not right.
    I hope he will be able to carry on working with you in some way or other. I know he is dreading leaving the course. He is an incredibly evolved character, as you no doubt found out, and I see him teaching this kind of thing one day. Maybe you can help steer him in a direction that helps him mentor people too.

    Thank You again.
    You are a toptastic bloke. I hope to meet you one day.
    Best Wishes

  15. Anonymous

    I had forever taken out my anger on others around me and closest to me – so, I decided enough was enough, I needed to sort out my anger before it sorted me out. I was sick and tired of making the same mistakes due to losing my temper and not being able to control myself. It surely could only lead to total self destruction. Being at this low point in my life I researched anger management group therarpy on the internet and luckily found BAAM. It sounded honest and to the point with lots of interesting facts and testimonials to read through which was comforting and led me to believe the course was exactly what I was looking for. I especially wanted to participate in group therapy instead of one to one sessions so I could benefit from others experiences and share my own. In the last 3 months this course has given me the tools to continue changing my life for the better – to train my brain – it will only work if I practice and make perfect – I am so glad for finding this course as its exactly what I had been looking for – I feel fortunate and extremely lucky for finding it – it’s well worth it – I have learnt so much about myself not only with anger but other areas also – and not only about myself but about other people around me also – it’s funny, almost every time I had a question in my head prior to the sessions or at the sessions if I didnt ask the questions myself then someone else would – it was a really amazing experience – it’s a touching experience that I am eternally grateful for and I surely will never forget ever.

  16. Anonymous

    I would just like to say I found the course very good, I wish I had gone on a course like this years ago. I hope now I can apply the things I have learned and make a difference to myself and my children’s lives. The course tutors were excellent.

  17. Anonymous

    Having just attended one of the courses offered by BAAM, I can honestly say it was one of the most transformative, inspirational and life-affirming experiences of my life. From the moment I spoke with Lynne on the phone, her warm and soothing manner put me at ease, and the efficiency with which she dealt with my application was second to none. I would also like to thank all the “behind-the-scenes” team that I didn’t meet, who help Mike and the other facilitators do a fantastic job. As for Mike himself, words alone cannot describe the wisdom, warmth and expertise with which he guided, taught and gently but firmly challenged us to face our own demons and learn how to start turning them into our own personal angels – it is something that has to be experienced to be believed!
    To everyone involved, including the other participants, I thank you for your openness, for your unconditional acceptance, for your inspiration, and for simply being there, in the moment.
    But most of all I would like to thank you for allowing me to give back to my family the husband and father they deserve, and for giving me back a life much richer, happier and meaningful than the one I went in with.The practical techniques I learned on the course, together with the deeper lessons I have learned, and will keep learning about myself, have allowed me to see that this is my life’s work: to continue to apply the techniques and the lessons every day, and carry on the work started on
    the course- though from the vantage point of having completed the course it is as much a celebration of life as it is work.

  18. Anonymous

    The anger management weekend was brilliant for me – professionally as a counsellor Mike inspired me with his authenticity, his boldness, his interventions that turned peoples’ lives around, and his humour that lightened everybody’s burden – he is a great facilitator and personally to be reminded that setting clear boundaries is helpful to me and those around me, and most of all that I don’t have to take things personally, it made me skip home.

  19. Anonymous

    Many thanks for such a fantastic course and how I wish I had found it before.
    To say I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders is an understatement. Following the course I now understand my anger in far more detail than I ever could have wished and in addition have a series of tools that have already been put to test and are serving me incredibly well.
    I appreciate that this is very much on going work but could not feel better equipped for the challenges ahead. Many thanks again.

  20. Anonymous

    I am a person who has not had an easy upbringing ( as you know ! ). However, I have endeavoured to improve myself and move on in life and through the years I suppose in some ways I thought I had. After all, I had become well known for my own work and practices in anger management and managing aggressive and violent behaviours within the healthcare services. Nevertheless, not up until I attended your beating anger workshops and your diploma in anger management at the British Association of Anger Management did I realise how little in fact I had. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity Mike to thank you in particular, but also the other group members from the April 2005 Cohort. The memories and experiences of those many times we spent together sharing our past, present and future lives to be, will always remain with me. Thanks again!

  21. Anonymous

    As soon as I walked in the door last night I was expected to fill my husband’s emotional tank! I could practically feel my own energy being drawn out of me! No wonder I’ve been getting increasingly tired recently!
    I’m so glad that all I experienced over the weekend has confirmed the work I had started on myself a few years ago, but hadn’t noticed I’d allowed to be shut down again. The realisations are still going on today – in fact, I’m trembling with them.
    So I’d like to say T H A N K Y O U, again to you and ALL THE TEAM

  22. Anonymous

    This class is saving my Entire Life from devastation. It is rocking my world that was near collapse due to not being able to deal constructively with my anger. Why I was not taught the skills I am learning within the course at school I will never understand. These skills are for life and without them life has been very hard to deal with. To me this is Evolution at its very best. Four years of counselling, all I needed was to realise Anger is my Friend and we will get along just great!

  23. Anonymous

    A belated thank you for the course that I attended a couple of weeks ago. I am sure you hear this very often but I really did find it hugely enlightening and motivational also. A great relief to see that other people struggle with things in the same way that I do and that if I follow what really are simple steps I should be able to become a better person to be with.
    Since coming home I must say that i have been very relaxed and have been able to take things in my stride. A couple of pressure points have come up but I have been able to deal with them in a constructive way. I have noticed if I am likely to be starting down the road of dumping on someone else through keeping my anger in – whilst I have not felt the need to
    “clear” with anybody I have been able to step back and look at the big picture and above all not take these things personally. Something that I had been trying to do previously but always found very challenging.
    Anyway – a very big thank you to you and your team once again. I look forward to coming on the follow up course.
    Many thanks once again.

  24. Anonymous

    I really want you to know that my life has completely changed around.. completely..I haven’t won the lottery or found the love of my life etc but what I learnt will stay with me for life. Ninety percent of the depression I felt all my life completely disappeared ..I can’t explain it. .I’m hardly angry and if I am ..I detect my behaviour pattern more easily and gain control again and i’m also ore in tune with what my body and emotions are telling me.
    I know I will commit to seeking professional therapy, counselling…whatever it takes for my daughter not to repeat the cycle that I was repeating. I’m committed to talking about depression and anger by personal experience and how it spilled over in every area of my life. I can’t thank you enough.

  25. Anonymous

    It as hard to come by educated people about this subject. However, you sound like you know what you are talking about! Thanks.

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Mike I hope you are well. Thank you for all your help, the course and the follow up with the Monday group. I have found the course immensely useful and the Monday group equally. I have learnt a lot and feel I’m turning things around in my life with your help. I hope my wife will be happy to attend the anger management course in London in December and I hope she benefits from it as much as I have. Thank you again,

  27. Anonymous

    Hello Mike and Team, I am wondering if you’ll be running any more Instructor courses/diploma in the near future? I completed the one day anger management course at the Friends’ House Euston in 2018 and it has transformed my life. After years of counseling and therapy I found that studying the book Beating Anger and attending that one day course had the biggest impact on my life. I am now at a bit of a crossroads and wish to pursue something meaningful but practical. After much consideration I think that I would very much like to help others in a practical way but teaching them how to regain control over their emotions and (hopefully) improve their quality of life. I understand that things are up in the air at this strange time but please do let me know if there are any opportunities to train with you on the horizon. Best wishes.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The online course I completed about a month ago was amazing. I felt a change taking place after the first 2 sessions which was built on over the next 7 weeks. I learnt so much about anger, my triggers and stresses and left with very useful information and tools which are working! I am so much happier and less angry thanks to Mike, Dawn and Maneula.

  29. Anonymous

    In desperation I reached out to Mike to see whether he could assist me in my rapidly accelerating descent into more frequent frustration and anger outbursts, seriously damaging business relationships and further fracturing my few remaining personal relationships. His book Beating Anger, and the brilliant on-line 8-week group course Mike runs with a cohort of 12 other souls gave me the insights I needed to understand where this anger originated, and armed me with practical tools and techniques to manage myself. The group went from awkward strangers to a close-knit support community in this very short space of time, testimony to Mike’s wisdom and teaching acumen. I highly recommend BAAM and Mike and am eternally grateful to have found Mike and this practical and pragmatic approach.

  30. Anonymous

    The anger management course not only helps you manage your anger, but it transforms your relationship with yourself. Mike has developed a program that carefully considers critical self-awareness with compassion as its main focus. I now lead a conscious, heart lead life, and have built an internal resource that can process even the toughest emotions.

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