BA2: Weekend Intensive


Held from a Friday through to a Sunday. Please choose your preferred venue.

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Beating Anger: Two

Duration: Intensive Weekend Programme.

Times: Starts 2pm Friday (unless stated otherwise on our Event Bookings Page)

Friday: Arrive 1:45 to start 2pm, finishing at 8pm

Saturday: 9am to 6pm

Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Programme: Mixed Group (Adults only)

BA1 & BA2 are stand alone courses. They do NOT follow on from each other. It is exactly the same course, simply structured differently to try and meet the varied lifestyle demands of our clients.

Cost: £645.00

Workbook included (excludes meals and accommodation)

Accommodation: Information on local hotels and B&B’s can be supplied for East Grinstead. This will be supplied with your confirmation email. 

If required a Certificate of Attendance can be emailed to you, please request it.

Venues across the country. Please view the Event Bookings Page.

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This programme is held from a Friday to Sunday afternoon in the above listed venues. Groups average approx. 10 people. Meals and accommodation are not included in the course fee.

Beating Anger 1 and 2 are essentially the same programme, simply structured differently to meet the requirements of individuals in different lifestyle demands. Those who are unable to attend the 10-week programme in London have the opportunity of completing the programme over a weekend. It is also highly attended by people travelling from abroad.

This course is designed for everyone committed to exploring and understanding why they get as angry as the do, as well as discovering the fundamental tools to safely manage and transform their anger once and for all. You will develop an accurate profile of your own anger and stress levels, giving you valuable insight into what triggers your reactions and therefore manage it creatively.

The Beating Anger programme helps to examine how anger often takes root in traumatic childhood experiences. Withdrawal of love, inappropriate punishments, rejection, bullying and shaming are historical issues that can fuel present-day anger.

Ranging from those that are extravagantly aggressive in their anger demonstrations, to those who inhibit and contain their rage, Beating Anger helps you step through your fear and inhibitions to start the process of effectively dealing with your anger and that of others within a few weeks.

What we cover:

  • How to stop allowing your passive aggressive and aggressive behaviour high-jacking you emotionally and physically.
  • What anger is not.
  • The different types of anger.
  • How to avoid shame spirals.
  • Anger from the perspective of a child, adult and parent.
  • The regressive power of historical anger.
  • How to manage stress plus techniques for resolving conflict.
  • How to stop taking things so personally.
  • How negative emotional cycles work and how to interrupt them.
  • How to express anger cleanly.
  • Why stress fuels your anger.
  • How to control your thoughts and mistaken beliefs.
  • The six golden rules of anger management.
  • Simple yet powerful strategies to cope with other people’s anger.

Who could attend this programme:

  • Anyone who is hurting themselves and others with their anger, rage and fury.
  • Parents who cannot deal with their angry children.
  • Anyone who knows someone suffering from anger issues.
  • Individuals who have to deal with the consequences of chronic rage and anger.
  • People who need to be more assertive and less passive-aggressive.

The course will offer real added value to:

  • Parents and Adults
  • Health and care professionals.
  • Teachers who need to find creative ways of managing disruptions in the class.
  • Customer service staff, call centre personnel and people managers.


    • Immediately feel lighter and happier in yourself.
    • Recognise you are not alone in your suffering.
    • Increase your happiness quotient.
    • Increase your self esteem.
    • Understand the fundamentals of self healing.
    • Living to your full potential.
    • Viewing yourself from a totally new and refreshing perspective
    • Celebrating difference and diversity.

…and so much more

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