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The Wisdom Track

By Mike Fisher

BAAM’s podcast reboots the concept of ‘wisdom’ for the 21st Century. Globally-renowned emotional intelligence coach Mike Fisher and friends from the world of wellbeing take listeners on a journey to rediscover the art of self-knowledge. Wisdom is an ancient concept, but it’s arguably needed now more than ever. Find out more about Mike at www.angermanage.co.uk.

Episodes are available to listen on Spotify and iTunes.

The Wisdom track Embracing-our sense of powerlessness

Episode 15

Embracing Our Sense of Powerlessness 5mins [June 20, 2023]

Join us on The Wisdom Track as we navigate life's complexities with wisdom and compassion. Subscribe now to embark on this transformative journey from powerlessness to empowerment.
Discover the transformative journey from powerlessness to empowerment on The Wisdom Track. In this episode, "Embracing Our Sense of Powerlessness: A Path to Empowerment," we explore the universal experience of feeling powerless and its profound impact on our lives.

Respect and Contempt

Episode 14

Respect and Contempt 50mins [April 28, 2021]

This month we’re talking about when relationships turn from medicine to poison with Mike Fisher and Snake Bloomstrand.

Each year millions of relationships arrive at the intersection of respect or contempt. The last few years of enforced togetherness have stressed families and businesses to the limit. It’s becoming clear as we circle the evolving post-covid recovery process that primary relationships have endured much of the stress and the price has been high. Contempt flourishes under stress and it remains a dangerous strategy to flirt with at work or at home.

Repairing Relationships

Episode 13

Repairing Relationships and Rebuilding Trust 77mins [Feb 28, 2021]

This month we’re talking about the skill of making up with with friends, lovers or colleagues after a falling out.

Psychotherapists call this ‘rupture and repair’. There is evidence to suggest that building up our talent to repair after ruptures is key to our overall sense of being able to cope with life’s struggles. It’s healthier to lean in to conflict and try to keep relationships alive while maintaining boundaries, compared to abandoning contact altogether.

But what if there are complications – like anger issues, historical hurt or gaslighting? Or maybe you’re experiencing what relationship expert Dr John Gottman calls ‘gridlock’ where there’s an unyielding impasse in communication and neither of you want to back down?

Moreover… when is it time to acknowledge that the relationship cannot continue? Join Mike, Snake and the team to find out.

Better Loving for Heterosexual Men - The Wisdom Track Podcast Episode 12

Episode 12

Better Loving for Heterosexual Men 72mins [Feb 14, 2021]

BAAM co-founder Mike Fisher and Craig 'Snake' Bloomstrand are joined by Paul Abramowitz. Paul's the writer of a new book, Sexed.

Sexed examines heterosexual male sexuality, and proposes that we “Develop personal methods of enquiry into greater self-understanding, meaningful sex and conscious relating and that in fact , when we are able to change the way we understand perceive and embrace our sexuality as men our entire reality changes.”

Paul’s late father was a gynaecologist and sex therapist. Paul’s 14-year involvement with the men’s consciousness movement confirmed his long standing suspicion of a “Disappeared conversation around heterosexual male sexuality and its impact on our sense of self agency and overall wellbeing as men.” Paul has studied both eastern and later in western sexology, and operates a therapy space for couples and individuals working in matters of sex and intimacy, using his own model of deep transformational sex therapy detailed in Sexed.

Emotional Resilience - The Wisdom Track Podcast Episode 11

Episode 11

Emotional Resilience 92mins [Dec 6, 2021]

Emotional resilience is our ability to cope with stressful situations; adapting to life’s ups 'n' downs. It certainly comes in handy when rolling with any blows landed by the C-19 pandemic!

Developing emotional resilience is a key skill taught in BAAM’s anger management programmes. Becoming emotionally resilient doesn’t mean that you’ll never be stressed again. But it does mean you'll be able to cope better when the going gets tough.

Join Mike, Snake and the team to discuss the nuances of emotional resilience, how it differs from keeping your emotions bottled up, and how to hone it.

The Neglected Self - The Wisdom Track Podcast Episode 10

Episode 10

The Neglected Self 97mins [Nov 3, 2021]

Mike, Snake plus guests Alex Von Bitter and Scott Fee discuss our often most neglected relationship – the one we have with ourselves.

Mentoring your inner child - The Wisdom track podcast

Episode 9

Mentoring the Inner Child 86mins [June 25, 2021]

Join BAAM founder Mike Fisher and Craig 'Snake' Bloomstrand discussing how you can be more in touch with your ‘inner child’, the childhood self that remains part of our psychological make-up.

Reconnecting with our ‘inner child’ can help us recapture a sense of enthusiasm that our anxious adult lives suppress. It can also put us more in touch with our core identities, and offer a little love to a part of ourselves that might have once felt neglected.

Keeping Love alive - The Wisdom track podcast Episode 8

Episode 8

Mental Health in the Age of Covid 86mins [April 26, 2021]

Long-term relationships are among the greatest emotional challenges we all face. During the pandemic, with no choice but to remain together in close quarters, some relationships have come under tremendous strain – while others have thrived.

What are the latter group doing that the former are not? What emotional intelligence skills are required to balance two sets of needs? How do we know when to compromise, and when to draw a boundary? What can we do to make things better, rather than wishing our partner felt differently?

The Wisdom Track Podcast #7 - Mental Health in the Age of Covid

Episode 7

Mental Health in the Age of Covid 86mins [Mar 25, 2021]

BAAM founder Mike Fisher and Craig 'Snake' Bloomstrand are joined by Doctor Stephen Blumenthal, an analytical psychologist who’s written about couples rowing and loneliness for The Daily Telegraph during the pandemic, and Ronnie Turner, grief and bereavement counselling specialist and also a mum to a very bubbly six year old who understands the challenges of parenting and home-schooling during COVID times… Your host, Steve Beale.

The Tyranny of Perfection-The-Wisdom Track Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6

The Tyranny of Perfection 95mins [Feb 26, 2021]

A special workshop examining and treating ‘shame’, the disproportionate sense of inadequacy and guilt becoming ever more prevalent in Western society. Joining Mike Fisher and ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand is Chris Cherry. Chris is an experienced psychotherapist and the co-founder of You Okay, Doc?, the medical charity providing mental health and wellbeing advice for medical professionals.

The Wisdom Track Podcast - Hope Springs Eternal

Episode 5

Hope Springs Eternal 65mins [Dec 03, 2020]

We examine the tricky subject of forgiveness and reconciliation, alongside members of Inner Circle, featured in multiple award-winning prison documentary The Work. Please like, comment and subscribe!

The Wisdom Track Podcast - Whats love got to do with it

Episode 4

What’s love got to do with it 93mins [Oct 29, 2020]

How can couples help each other during tough times, providing mutual support and not letting those challenges drive us apart? David Waters from The School of Life and author Stella Newman AKA Vicky Zimmerman join Mike, Snake and Steve to find out! Please like, comment and subscribe!

The Wisdom Track Podcast - Interpreting The Ficticious Mind

Episode 3

Interpreting The Fictitious Mind 80mins [Sep 24, 2020]

Our ‘inner narrative’ is notorious for making up unhelpful stories. It can also propel us to heights of creativity. Join Mike, Snake, Steve plus special guest artist Katy Moran to separate helpful fact from unhelpful fiction.
Here they discuss how and why our brain fills in the gaps in our knowledge of events – usually in a totally ‘fictitious’ manner. Mike explains how to tell fact from fiction, and Katy speaks about how she’s turned her own inner narrative into a powerful force for motivation. Please like, comment and subscribe!

The Wisdom Track Podcast - Practical Wisdom

Episode 2

What is ‘Practical Wisdom’ 79mins [Sep 08, 2020]

This episode we discuss the art of ‘wisdom’ itself, and how this supposedly old-fashioned concept can help our approach to living and interacting with others. We’re fortunate enough to live at a time when a tremendous amount of collective guidance, both ancient and ultra-modern, is available at the touch of a button. How can we apply it to our complex contemporary lives?
Join Mike Fisher and host Steve Beale on a journey to rediscover the art of self-knowledge plus guests Tara Love Perry – Master Soul Reader and author of the 7-step Transformational Self Love Method; Minneapolis-based coach, mentor and author ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand; Jochem Janssen, founder of the TenClub, an Amsterdam Society dedicated to curiosity, authenticity and deepening fascinations in all forms; Karina Anderson – Executive & Life Coach, Author & Founder of TRI (The Responsible Individual™️) Coaching Methodology & Circles of Change™️ Education working with depth coaching in South African prisons and schools.

The Wisdom Track Podcast - The Age of Rage

Episode 1

The Age of Rage 90mins [Jul 16, 2020]

In this podcast we deep-dive into the fractious state of western life. Our society is being held hostage by our own repressed emotions, and the unhealthy ways we find to express them. How do we free ourselves from this state of toxic anger, this ‘Age of Rage’?
Anger, stress and anxiety were on the rise even before the C-19 pandemic. Learn how to cope with stress, anxiety, rage and toxic anger with our panel of experts. Features expert advice from Daily Telegraph psychologist Dr Stephen Blumenthal, Minneapolis-based therapist ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand, barrister specialising in gang culture Shereener Browne, BAAM founder Mike Fisher plus host, journalist Steve Beale.