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New Podcast What is Practical Wisdom

Podcast: What is ‘Practical Wisdom’?

The Wisdom Track is a podcast that explores the concept of wisdom and how it can be applied to modern-day living. In this episode titled “Practical Wisdom and the Art of Curiosity,” the hosts Mike Fisher, Snake Bloomstrand, and Steve Beale, along with special guests Tara Love Perry, Jochem Janssen, and Karina Andersen, delve into the meaning of wisdom and how it can guide us in our interactions with others.

The hosts and guests discuss the vast amount of guidance available to us in today’s world, from ancient wisdom to modern teachings, and how we can apply this knowledge to our complex lives. For all the information out there, we still confuse intelligence for wisdom and it’s a worthy discussion diving deeper. Our guests explore the art of curiosity and how it can help us to reap the benefits of collective understanding and turn that into practical wisdom, leading to, not only beneficial lives for ourselves, but also for the people and environment around us too.

Go ahead and read our background article What is Practical Wisdom? and then join our guests:

Karina Andersen, author of The Responsible Individual and Depth Coaching methodology, share her insights on how to deal with trauma and overcome the associated challenges. Tara Love Perry, the author of “I Love You, Me,” talks about the importance of self-love and how it can lead to a more fulfilling life. Jochem Janssen from Amsterdam’s Ten Club shares his experiences and insights on living a more mindful life.

Listeners can access the podcast on various platforms, including Apple podcasts, Facebook, and YouTube. The episode is accompanied by an article titled “What is Practical Wisdom?” on the BAAM website, providing further context and insights into the topic.

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