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Online Anger Management Courses

Take a live remote, online & interactive course via webcam conferencing platform

We understand that not everyone can travel, especially right now. So in an effort to make our courses more accessible to people both nationally and internationally, we’ve taken the step to live, online interactive learning.

This technology is now so user friendly that it’s already become the norm in educational facilities. Here at BAAM we have been using it since May 2019 with great effect. We hope that you will too.

You can now attend a course in the comfort of your own home or office. Plus, since we don’t have to rent a venue, the cost is reduced considerably.

You will attend in ‘real time’ and each participant can see and engage with one another, as well as the facilitator. This online platform is available for the one-to-one work, our introductory evenings, and our other group courses.

You can choose to do a one-to-one Initial Assessment, or an Introduction to Anger Management evening, to find out what we offer before you commit to a full course. The material covered in our online courses remains exactly the same as the in-person alternatives, and are taught by BAAM founder Mike Fisher. Click on the thumbnails below for more details of each course.

BAAM’s anger management coaching offering techniques to control and understand your anger is technically considered ‘psycho-educational’. But it could be described as anger management therapy or counselling.

If you’re looking for anger management for children, teenagers, or families this is a service we regularly provide. Please email us at admin@angermanagement.co.uk with your enquiries.

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