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On-going Support

Join our Stay on Track support group to keep engaged with your learnings.

Here at BAAM, we recognise that sometimes attending an anger management course is the first step that some people take towards any personal development. We fully appreciate what a brave and sometimes urgent undertaking this can be for someone. Sometimes our course is exactly what an individual needs, and sometimes once a course has been completed, there may be a need to remain connected to other members in the group or to a facilitator and the nature of the material. To this end, we created our Stay-on-Track group which is a monthly ONLINE class that people can sign-up to (only available to people who have attended our course). This allows participants to engage deeper into their learnings, integrate and practice what they have learnt and to get any additional support that they feel they may need. Also, if necessary we will make other referrals to help participants with their journey of self-knowledge and understanding.

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