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New! Listen to The Wisdom Podcast on ‘Shame’ Now

A special workshop on 'The Tyranny of Perfection' ahead of our new weekend seminar series.

We’re making the podcast available on the other usual channels as soon as we can.

The episode is a special workshop examining and treating ‘shame’, the disproportionate sense of inadequacy and guilt becoming ever more prevalent in Western society. Joining Mike Fisher and ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand is Chris Cherry. Chris is an experienced psychotherapist and the co-founder of You Okay, Doc?, the medical charity providing mental health and wellbeing advice for medical professionals.

If you’d like to examine this topic further, and learn techniques for managing toxic shame, we’re holding a four-part weekly Shame Workshop from 2.30-5pm on Sat 6, Sat 13, Sun 21 and Sat 27 March and we’d love you to join us. Details here.

16th February 2021

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