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“If you kick a stone in anger you’ll hurt your own foot”

National Anger Awareness Week (1-7 December)

As a society and as individuals we have a choice to either add fuel to the fire or to douse the flames of our anger. We are often hijacked by our feelings and emotions. This causes a tremendous amount of damage, which is reflected in an increase in incidents of domestic violence, youth crime, prison population, classroom disturbances, stress related illnesses, and rage manifestations such as road, queue, trolley, telephone and computer rage.

The aim of Anger Awareness Week is to identify anger as a disturbing social issue which needs to be brought out into the open and addressed effectively. Anger Awareness Week will help people befriend anger by using the right tools to calm themselves down and to deal effectively with this emotion, be it of their own or that of others.

As part of Anger Awareness week we have created an innovative Keep Your Cool Over Yule Kit, which can be used by individuals, organisations, families, schools and other groups. It will consist of anger management activities, as well as tips on handling anger appropriately and calming strategies for defusing difficult situations. The kit helps people to think about how they handle their own anger and how they could improve their anger management skills.

What benefits are derived from participation?
Participating in National Anger Awareness week will encourage people to think about how anger impacts their lives and of creative ways to deal with this powerful emotion. Contrary to popular belief, if channelled correctly anger can in fact be a creative rather than a destructive force.

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