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May’s Wisdom Track Podcast: Gaslighting Workshop

Join our special seminar on gaslighting and anger via Zoom on Sat 22 May, details here.

Read our guide to gaslighting – what it really is, and how it relates to anger management – in advance of the podcast here.

Register to join the podcast via Zoom by clicking here. There’s no need to put your camera on if you prefer not to, or participate, but if you’d like to send in any questions you can do so to admin@angermanage.co.uk.

‘Gaslighting’ is a form of coercive control where the victimiser insists that the victim is confused, confusing, or otherwise disconnected from reality. While gaslighting can be extreme to the point of criminality, it can also be low-level and habitual, even becoming a casual way of lashing out in anger – an ‘anger style’.

Mike and Snake and Steve are joined by the current Anger Academy trainee coaching team who’ll be making a special presentation on gaslighting and its relationship to anger issues.

“Gaslighting refers to a specific type of manipulation – one in which a person’s reality itself is hijacked by another,” explain the team, “This can also be manifested by minimisation, deflection, denial and coercive control. In this one and a half-hour workshop, we will discuss what gaslighting is, and the many ways it can manifest in relationships, the workplace, groups, organisations and political systems. We’ll also be delving into the possible reasons why people become gaslighters or become victims of gaslighting. We’ll look at how we can all gaslight in minor ways, as well as spending some time reflecting on our own experiences. Finally, we’ll be looking at ways to protect ourselves and others against gaslighting, including children and young people.”

Presenting from the team will be:

Claire Calo is a specialised ozone therapist who’s lived in South Africa, Holland and Israel. She’s also trained as a cosmetologist, chiropodist and healer.

Manuela Viana is a co-founder of BAAM who’s worked with Mike for 25 years. Trained in biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, her interest is in how the body stores memories.

Cameron Goldie is a business leader and a coach focusing on company culture. He’s currently studying with BAAM’s Anger academy to bring the BAAM method to Italy.

Ronnie Turner. Working with Compassionate Care Training, Ronnie delivers workshops all over the UK including working with Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity and the Royal College of Midwives.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on May 22 for an analysis of this very topical and enthralling subject!

6th April 2021

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