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Listen to The Wisdom Podcast Launch Episode!

We examine ‘The Age of Rage’ with an expert panel and take questions from the live online audience. Take a listen now!

Listen to the first ever Wisdom Podcast from BAAM now. This episode we’re looking into the causes and impact of ‘The Age of Rage’ that’s arguably consuming the Western world. Join Mike Fisher and host Steve Beale, plus guests Dr Stephen Blumenthal from The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, barrister Shereener Browne, and Minneapolis-based ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand, to delve into this fascinating topic. You can also watch the video now on YouTube here, or the Facebook page here.

Episode Two, ‘Practical Wisdom’ airs live at 4pm on Saturday 15 August 2020. Read about Practical Wisdom and how it relates to anger management here, and get ready to join in the discussion through the comments.

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