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Keep your cool this yule

Get the free Keep Your Cool This Christmas Kit

Christmas is the most stressful time of the year for many people.
But the Keep Your Cool at Yule Kit from BAAM help you avoid the stress, and associated anger.
It's bursting with practical anger management tips covering both the pre-Christmas preparation period, and the 'big day' itself.
And it includes some interesting statistics about how we experience Christmas in the UK…

What the surveys say…

• More than half of all Brits have family disagreements at Christmas
• A quarter of all adults say relationships with their partners come under pressure over the period, and an eighth say a festive argument made them want to split up
• Calls to Relate go up by 59% over Christmas
• The average family has their first argument at 9.58am on Christmas Day morning. Popular topics include:

Most likely reasons for increased anger are…

• Who’s doing the washing up
• Spending more time with family than usual
• Too much alcohol
• Battles over the TV remote control




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