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Keep Calm This Christmas

Keep Calm over Christmas


Christmas is the most stressful time
of the year for many people.
The British Association of Anger
Management has collated a plan
to help you avoid the stress, and
associated anger.
We have looked at both the
pre-Christmas preparation
period, and Christmas itself.
We have added some interesting
statistics about how we
experience Christmas in the UK.

What the surveys say…

• More than half of all Brits have family disagreements at Christmas.

• A quarter of all adults say their relationships with their partners come under pressure over the period, and an eighth say a festive argument made them want to split up.

• Calls to Relate go up – by 59% over Christmas.

• The average family has their first argument at 9.58am on Christmas Day morning.

Most likely reasons for increased anger are…

• Who’s doing the washing up

• Spending more time with family than usual

• Too much alcohol

• Battles over the TV remote control

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Merry Christmas From BAAM
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