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Join The Wisdom Track Podcast Sat 20 March

Join The Wisdom Track Podcast Sat 20 March

The Wisdom Track Podcast presents a free Zoom seminar on the subject of ‘Mental Health in the time of Covid’ at 4pm on Saturday 20 March.

It follows the runaway success of our Shame Workshop in February where we were blown away to see so many of you join the call.

We’ll be talking about the personal issues facing individuals, families and teams during the Covid-19 crisis.

BAAM founder Mike Fisher will offer practical advice on how to confront and deal with anger, anxiety and stress during the toughest experience we’ve faced as a whole in our lifetimes. 

“Right now we have very few options to either distract ourselves or escape,” says Mike, “for instance, when my life gets too much, I jump on a plane – and I can’t do that right now. People are doing what they can to rationalise the situation and work within the limitations. But if they have underlying anger issues, these will come out.”

For example, cohabiting couples may have been able to avoid confronting any lingering conflicts before lockdown. But “extreme situations will reveal cracks in the relationship,” says Mike, “what you haven’t worked through before having kids will come to the surface.”

Many of us are in danger of using distractions to get through the crisis: from intellectualising and ‘knuckling down’ to seeking refuge in spirituality, health regimes, or old favourites like drink and drugs. “They are desperate for answers, a quick fix,” says Mike, “They have to delay gratification, trust it will unfold, and do whatever they can. They have to identify creative solutions for themselves.”

Joining us will be Doctor Stephen Blumenthal, an analytical psychologist who’s written about couples rowing and loneliness for The Daily Telegraph during the pandemic.

Also on the panel is Ronnie Turner. Ronnie works as a training consultant for Compassionate Care Training designing and delivering interactive learning for professionals who work in emotionally challenging situations. She has delivered workshops all over the UK and created national training programmes for organisations such as the Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity and the Royal College of Midwives in the field of bereavement. Ronnie is passionate about equipping professionals with the skills to communicate sensitively and effectively with people experiencing trauma. Ronnie is also a mum to a very bubbly 6 year old and understands the challenges of parenting and home-schooling during COVID times!

The certainty of misery beats the misery of uncertainty” paraphrased self-help guru Mark Mansun recently. It sounds that the one thing we can be certain of, is misery. But how would we best like to handle it?

Join us at 4pm on Saturday 20 March to find out!

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