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21st June 2018Programmes Standard

2 Hour Introduction To Anger Management – online interactive learning

It’s a game changer!

We’ve seen that a high percentage of people are desperately looking for an online interactive anger management training programme. We are pleased to say we can now offer this!.


man-1205084_640Gain insight into why you get so angry

Anger is something we do not manage as well as we need to. Often it controls us, and we use it to control others. Anger may cause you to react inappropriately towards loved ones, friends, or those you work with and instead of stopping to look at what’s triggered you in the first place, we tend to displace our uncomfortable feelings. Not knowing how to manage or recognise anger causes it to grow and intensify, affecting anyone that gets in the way.


What you will discover on the 2-hour taster evening:

  • 2 sources of anger which include primary needs and shadow projections
  • The five anger bypasses
  • The four communication styles
  • Which is your main anger style.
  • Why we emotionally regress when livid
  • What courses are on offer
  • Questions & answers


Online Interactive CoursesWhy are people so drawn to interactive online training?

  • You save money
  • Everyone can see, hear and interact with each other
  • It can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • Courses are videoed for future reminders
  • You can have access from anywhere in the world
  • And so much more…


What people are saying about remote learning

  • “The future of all education”
  • “If I can see, hear and speak to others online, that’s break through”
  • “Remote learning makes it practical, comfortable and affordable”
  • “I live in a big city and travelling is a major hassle, I can interact from the comfort from my apartment”
  • “Finally technology has caught up with itself. I love remote learning”
  • “Being in a wheelchair this has made it so easy to do now, very practical for me! Thanks”
  • “This is the way to learn, from the comfort of my own home”


thumb-up-1460528_640It’s a no brainer

It makes sense, webinars are a thing of the past – they can be very expensive, time consuming and extremely demanding. Interactive online training is the exact opposite – it is affordable, convenient, lets you do things on your own time and if you miss a session its all recorded for you to revisit. What’s not to love?


Please note:

  • Please attend the session 15-30 minutes early, this will allow time to deal with any technical issues you may have.
  • Please ensure you have a microphone headset to hand, this will help everyone hear you clearly without distortion and feedback.
  • You will receive your username and password to access the session in your order confirmation email. Please be aware that you will be emailed a link to the session nearer the start date.

Dates, Times and Costs

26th November 2018 (Monday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

10th January 2019 (Thursday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

28th January 2019 (Monday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

28th November 2019 (Thursday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

28th March 2019 (Thursday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

2nd May 2019 (Thursday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now

23rd May 2019 (Thursday) 7PM– 9PM (GMT) –  £49 Book Now