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Leading with Feeling

Leading with Feeling: Unleashing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

Those of us with teams to manage might well have encountered some challenges over the past few months – and perhaps there’s more up ahead.

“Leaders can make the social context more supportive of emotionally intelligent behaviour by reducing stressors such as role overload, ambiguity, and conflict for both themselves and their employees. They also can give employees as much control and autonomy as possible and put them in roles that allow them to do work that they find personally meaningful,” advises co-author of Leading with Feeling Cary Cherniss.

Leading with Feeling is a new book from America’s Emotional Intelligence Consortium that interviews 25 decorated business leaders around nine pillars of emotional management technique. Here they are:

1.     Monitor the emotional climate

2.     Express your feelings to motivate others

3.     Consider how your own behaviour influences others’ emotions

4.     Put yourself in others’ shoes

5.     Decipher the underlying emotional dynamics of a situation

6.     Reframe how you think about the situation

7.     Create optimal interpersonal boundaries

8.     Seek out others for help in managing emotions

9.     Help others develop their emotional intelligence abilities

Read the extensive interview on Forbes now.

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