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How High Achievers Make Themselves Anxious

How High Achievers Make Themselves Anxious

An article from Psychology Today magazine looks into the habits of high achievers, and how they fuel anxiety.

Here at BAAM we find that many of our clients suffering from anger issues are overwhelmed by obligations and responsibilities. Often they end up feeling that “no good deed goes unpunished” which while it might be poetic and worth remembering, is not necessarily the case.

The self-defeating habits of high achievers detailed in the full article are:

1 Always saying “Yes” – High achievers experience tremendous pressure to excel. They believe that taking on more obligations will help alleviate that, when actually it’ll just overload them and be self-defeating.

2 Never asking for help or delegating – Set boundaries on yourself as well as others. Be aware of when something’s too much for you to do alone and relinquish control when necessary.

3 Comparing yourself only to successful people – Your reference point should be yourself and your own journey, which if you’re ambitious is likely to be tough at times.

4 Never living in the moment – Slow down and appreciate the process. Completing your goals will be a moveable feast anyway.

5 Equating happiness with achievement – There are many more factors to fulfilment than wealth, recognition, and other signifiers of secular success.

Read the full piece by Dimitrios Tsatiris MD here.

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