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Free Stress Test

Stress often lurks behind anger, and it’s now the number one reason we take time off work. Are your stress levels causing anger?

822,000 Brits reported illness from work-related stress in 2021. That’s double the amount recorded in 2011. Forty percent of all doctor visits concern mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and compulsive disorders.

Physical conditions caused by stress include insomnia, breathlessness, back and neck pain, body tension, chest pains and a loss of appetite.

Don’t wait till your body tells you something’s wrong. Take our five-minute free online Stress Test and find out how your stress levels measure up.

There are times when I find it hard to be myself?(Required)
I am a happy and content person?(Required)
I long for a chance to start over again?(Required)
I think I am living a fulfilling life?(Required)
My life is boring and lacks excitement?(Required)
I worry about the outcome of events?(Required)
I have the energy and endurance I need?(Required)
I feel motivated to accomplish things?(Required)
I feel sad and 'down in the dumps'?(Required)
I feel in control of my eating habits?(Required)
I feel sluggish and lack energy?(Required)
I feel loved by someone important to me?(Required)
I accomplish things that I feel are important?(Required)
My life is not stimulating?(Required)
I have stomach trouble?(Required)
I feel well organised and think clearly?(Required)
I get what I want?(Required)
I am comfortable with the people around me?(Required)
I am resentful about things that have happened to me in the past?(Required)
I feel physically strong and capable?(Required)
I am in conflict between how I think I should be and how I am?(Required)
Day to day living is boring me?(Required)
I have guilt feelings about eating?(Required)
I have difficulty keeping my mind under control?(Required)
I feel excluded or rejected by people?(Required)
I feel peaceful?(Required)
I feel lonely?(Required)
I have a clear conscience?(Required)
I have aches and pains?(Required)
I have the standard of living I think I deserve?(Required)
I have pleasant feelings?(Required)
It's difficult for me to get close to people?(Required)
I worry about my weight?(Required)
I have feelings of belonging?(Required)
I feel as though I am part of a family?(Required)
I feel that things that happen to me are not fair?(Required)
I do remember things that are important?(Required)
I feel nervous or uptight?(Required)
I feel good about my eating habits?(Required)
I enjoy having people around me?(Required)