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Fill in our free Anger Test and discover if your anger is beyond what’s acceptable, or if it’s impacting your health. The free Anger Test only takes five minutes.
During our 20 years of developing anger management courses, BAAM’s coaches have concluded that unhealthily expressed anger is usually a result of ‘overwhelm’ – too much stress taken on either recently, or more likely over a period of time.
Stress, anxiety and repressed frustration impact our physical health along with our relationships, and possibly our employment too. Stress is now the number one reason for adults in the UK and USA to take time off work with illness. So if you’re suffering, you’re by no means alone. You might also benefit from taking our dedicated Stress Test.


Free Anger Test

Do you have a tendency to criticise others?(Required)
Do you keep things in until you finally explode with anger?(Required)
Do you get upset when others disagree with you?(Required)
When you become angry, do you withdraw from people?(Required)
Do you have a tendency to take your anger out on someone other than the person you're angry with?(Required)
When a problem arises between you and someone else, do you discuss it without losing control of your emotions?(Required)
Are you satisfied with the way you settle differences with others?(Required)
Do you become depressed easily?(Required)
Do you often act politely even though you're fuming?(Required)
Do you tend to feel very guilty or bad after getting angry?(Required)