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Enabler and Protagonist

Enabler and Protagonist

Living with someone who struggles with anger can be a complicated and stressful situation. Anger is a powerful emotion that can profoundly impact individuals and their relationships negaitively with others. In the context of anger management, two important terms to understand are “enabler” and “protagonist.”

An enabler is someone who, through their actions or inaction, allows another person’s unhealthy behaviour to continue. In anger management, an enabler may support or justify someone’s angry outbursts rather than encourage them to seek help and change their behaviour. Enablers may be afraid of confronting the protagonist, which can stem from a fear of the consequences of the protagonist’s anger, rage, withdrawal of love or even financial support. They may also suffer from the effects of living with an angry person, such as stress and anxiety. They may be desperate for a solution to the problem. Enablers usually make the first call to an anger management facility because they can no longer tolerate physical or emotional abuse.

To understand the enablers, one must consider what it is like living with an angry person. You are constantly on edge, waiting for the next outburst, which can cause severe stress. You may always feel fearful and anxious, which affects your social life, family life, and activities. There is often uncertainty about whether you will receive love and support or sarcasm and withdrawal of affection. You may also feel like you constantly have to justify your behavior.

If you find yourself relating to these statements, you may be living with an angry person who is the protagonist. The protagonist is usually an abuser of their family or loved ones. Still, they often do not recognize that they have an issue or simply do not take it seriously. They also suffer from their anger, whether they recognize it or not, and need help to manage their emotions.

At the British Association of Anger Management, we offer multiple resources and courses to help both enablers and protagonists on the path to a happier and healthier life. Seeking help is the first step in taking control of your feelings and becoming a hero in your own story. Remember, personal responsibility and accountability are crucial in managing anger, and it is up to the individual to make the change for a better life – for both themselves and the people they love.

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