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Eckhart Tolle’s Guide to Difficult People

Eckhart Tolle’s Guide to Difficult People

When we start learning about the workings of the brain and behaviour we can begin to become impatient with others who are not as, shall we say, educated. While it’s a natural reaction it’s also rather smug, conceited, and almost certainly unhelpful. 

Fan-favourite spiritual philosopher Eckhart Tolle has some tips for dealing with it, as relayed by David Gerken over at Medium.

Firstly. We’re all progressing on a path to ‘consciousness’, says Tolle, and some of us might be further down that road than others. This certainly doesn’t mean that we’re any more ‘spiritual’ or otherwise ‘better’.

‘That’s just spiritual ego and doesn’t do anybody any good,’ comments Gerken, ‘Think about how much better off you’d be if you could eliminate the bad feelings you harbour about the difficult people in your life. A colleague at work. Maybe some in-laws who are nasty to you. Whoever they may be. Those feelings are an enormous energy suck that are all harm to YOU and no benefit.’

Secondly, when we’re with someone who’s frustrating us with their supposed lack of ‘consciousness’ all we need to do is stay present. Don’t get caught up in their behaviour or be tempted to correct them. Stay calm and deal with it. Tolle gives the example of the one person at a business meeting who stays focused and thoughtful and often provides an example that their colleagues in the meeting end up following.

To read the whole article over at Medium click here.

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