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Don’t let Holidays destroy your life!

Don’t let Holidays destroy your life!

Our Anger Management courses can show you how to stop that from happening!
Holidays are wonderful periods to rest and spend quality time with your loved ones. But it can also be a time to let that ugly beast, uncontrollable anger, loose. This can turn a time that could be spent building relationships and strengthening connections to a time where you destroy such relationships and hurt the very people you really care about deep down. The good thing about anger is that it can be managed. It can be controlled. It can be tamed and it can be subdued. However, many people wait until they have lost important things in their lives. It could be their job, their spouse, their relationship with their children or a lifetime opportunity before they realize that anger needs to be tamed.

At BAAM, we can show you how to stop anger from ruining your life once and for all. You are bound to be displeased by what some people say or do. But we can teach you how to not let that decide the quality and meaning you get from your life.

Christmas, School and Bank Holidays are often where enquiries about our programmes surge by over 100%. Research shows that despite holidays being a place to unwind, the accumulation of stress over a period of time mixes with the sudden challenge of a totally new and unfamiliar environment. Put that together with being out of one’s comfort zone and not having any of our usual distractions to cope, we’re left with confronting our loved one’s annoying habits or simply being overwhelmed by the sudden compression of familial tasks. Add alcohol to that, and we’re in a mess. Our number is 0345 1300 286.
You can be proactive about managing your anger. BAAM offers an effective solution in 3 steps and these steps are guaranteed to change your life forever!

Step One
Visit our homepage, https://www.angermanage.co.uk/ and read about our programmes there.

Step Two
Email us at admin@angermanage.co.uk or call us at 0345 1300 286 for further information or enquiry. We are happy to talk you through our programmes and how it can work for you. This is also the opportunity for you to be particular about what you want to achieve from the programme.

Step Three
Book yourself onto one of our programmes for a life transforming experience.

Follow these simple steps and your holidays will turn out to be the most enjoyable periods of your life rather than the time you dread to experience!

The question is, of course, why don’t more angry people do our programmes while their relationship, jobs and even families are fairly stable?

People have suggested arrogance and denial and extreme resistance as reasons. The point is; we all need professional help with many issues than we realize and anger is just one of such issues.

Our experience has taught us that there is Fear and Shame in admitting that one has anger issues.Those who have been able to reach out for professional assistance in spite of this stigma have solid relationships, stable jobs and loving spouses and families to show for it.

Nothing is worth more than your happiness and you deserve it. We can help you build it with the kind of help we provide.

Reach out to us today at https://www.angermanage.co.uk/ and let us help you take the reigns of your life and relationships.

We may come across as confident, but our post-course assessments state that 82% of our clients lives have significantly changed for the better even after 5 years post programme.

Tried and Tested

Our programmes are tried and tested and are psycho-educationally driven. Participants learn fundamental skills and strategies to manage aggressive behavior as well as shame, stress and their fears.

Why not allow Mike Fisher, UK’s leading anger expert show you how you can channel your anger to positive use without anyone getting hurt or anything getting damaged?

Mike has helped over 25,000 people to be more emotionally resilient and empathetic towards others. And he is here; ready to do the same for you.

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