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How to Deal With Angry People in the Workplace, In the Family, In Public

How to Deal With Angry People

How to Deal With Angry People in the Workplace, In the Family, In Public

Anger is a defence mechanism when it gets out of control. Being aggressive when it comes minor situations is unproductive and unhealthy and it puts and others around you under duress. For each individual, anger is triggered by a variety of reasons. These reasons are divided into two events i.e. internal events like the negative thoughts of being a failure, when you are being treated unfairly or feeling disrespected by others . Some external events that trigger angry responses include property loss, teasing, and humiliation.

In this blog, we will list how to deal with angry colleagues, family member, and angry people in public.

Dealing with Angry Coworkers

Any workplace has a number of people from different backgrounds and personalities. In a diverse work environment, it’s natural that you might have co-workers with an attitude and serious anger issues. The most practical way to deal with such a colleague is to acknowledge the sentiment and be aware of the fact that you are not the problem and do you don’t need to take it personally. 1st Rule of anger management is to Stop, think and take a look at the bigger picture. Don’t make what’s going for them about you. Its unproductive. You also don’t need to take it personally either.

Dealing with an Angry Family Member

When a family member is angry it can affect and impact the entire household. If the angry one is a parent then the children might be most affected by such a challenging behavior. So, what do you do when you have an angry family member? It’s sometime difficult to know what can trigger an angry response from the person.


The best strategy to help you deal with an angry member of the family is to stay as calm as possible when you are confronted with their behaviour. As the person in front of you is angry, you have to show the opposite feeling. Staying calm can help tackle the situation very effectively. Matching angry with anger can often escalate the situation further. Never fight fire with fire! Don’t allow the person to provoke you into an aggressive or passive agressive response. Taking a step back and allowing some space between you and the angry family member can help you to remain calm.

Dealing with an Angry Person in Public

Perhaps one of the most difficult situations for anyone is when they are forced to be involved in an angry confrontation in public. Dealing with an angry individual in public can be a difficult challenge; the severity of the situation depends upon the reason for the anger. The anger might be triggered by a small car accident or any other situation that the other found uncomfortable.


The most effective way to deal with an angry individual is for you to stay as present as possible, keep breathing and let the person say what they want, letting everything out will help ease up the situation considerably. Once the angry individual has stated their point, the anger might subside a little and you can talk to the person in a composed and calm manner. Even apologizing and get a positive response almost instantly.


The most common mistake people make is they perceive that they are responsible for other people’s outbursts. You have to consider that you might be a trigger for their anger, and the person is struggling to contain themselves. Its’ their responsibility to not act their anger out. It’s your responsibility to empathise if need be, show empathy and compassion and not take their behavior personally.

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