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Anger Management In Person Group Course

Learn anger management techniques and discover the causes of your anger in a weekend intensive course taught by Mike Fisher in person.

In Person Group Course - Weekend Intensive

Course Date

27th - 29th September 2024
Course Location: East Grinstead
Friday: Arrive 1:45pm to start 2pm, finishing at 8pm
Saturday: 9am until 6.00pm
Sunday: 9am until 5.00pm
Follow-up with 3-hour call 3 weeks later.


1:45 pm - 8:00 pm

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Face to face anger management coaching!

Anger management classes taught in person are back! BAAM’s Weekend Course has been featured in The Daily Mail, Stylist magazine and many more.

The course takes place in comfortable surroundings just outside London over three days (Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon). Most attendees stay locally – yes, we will provide you with a list of nearby options.

Following the weekend intensive, we will schedule a 3-hour live online call to check in on your progress with the newly acquired skills. This will provide you with an opportunity to address any concerns and seek clarity as needed.

The Weekend Group Course is consistently described as ‘life changing’ by the hundreds of clients who’ve successfully completed it. Group sizes range from five to a dozen people.

Every Weekend Group Course is taught by BAAM founder and Beating Anger author Mike Fisher, alongside BAAM-accredited assistant facilitators.

For more about the coaching itself and what it entails, head over to the What is Anger Management? page.

Effective and meaningful anger management training

The Weekend Course condenses BAAM’s world-leading anger management programme into three days’ of coaching.

The format gives you the opportunity to focus completely on your anger management training. The learning can be especially powerful.

Learn a range of anger management skills to find exactly the right techniques for you. Find out about the causes of anger issues identified by psychologists. Discover how to express yourself freely, and reframe your feelings around pressure, independence and frustration.

Learn Alongside Others with Similar Stories

In-person group coaching can be daunting! But everyone is in the same position. We’re aware that 95% of our clients have never undertaken anything like this before.

We’re especially sure to make our clients feel comfortable. In turn, being around other people who are going through the same experiences and journeys helps put everyone at ease.

BAAM’s group courses come with built-in support groups as everyone rallies round to help each other get the most out of the training.

Not Just for Grumpy Old Men!

A lot has changed since BAAM’s inception in the 1990s. For a start we’ve learned that anger isn’t just about visibly losing your temper; we can bottle it up and express it in roundabout, ‘passive aggressive’ ways.

BAAM’s fastest-growing client demographic is the under-20s. And many of our courses feature more women than men.

Emotional intelligence, communication skills and self-knowledge are at the core of anger management. These are key skills for modern life. Right now, we have people signing up for our courses long before any issues reach crisis point.

“It’s women who make up 60% of the courses run by the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM).” Marie Claire magazine

Get a Booster for your Anger Management

Many clients who complete the ten-week Online Course also undertake the Weekend Course to hone and consolidate their anger management skills.

The Weekend Course lets you learn at a different pace and pick up on key points you may have missed first time around.

Memorable and profound, it’s no wonder our clients call the course ‘life changing’.

Featured testimonials

Trust Pilot Profile Pic Claudia, via TrustPilot
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Very powerful. Not just a course – a way of personal development. It’s not only for angry people, it’s for emotion management too.

Marie Claire Profile Image Marie Claire magazine
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
At BAAM, Mike’s team of anger management therapists teach that it’s OK to feel anger, but it must be ¬expressed in a healthy way that doesn’t cause damage to ourselves or the ones we love.

Trust Pilot Profile Pic Ian, via TrustPilot
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thank you also to my fellow participants whose honesty, trust and sharing were key elements to learning and connection.

Trust Pilot Profile Pic D.E, via TrustPilot
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trusting my instincts more has made me a better colleague. Emotional awareness puts you in a calmer, steadier place, which is what a leader needs.

More testimonials

Course facilitator

Mike Fisher Icon Mike Fisher
The ‘brains behind BAAM’ has over 26 years of experience in the field of personal and professional development. Mike has become known as one of the leading experts in the field of anger management in the UK

Course Location

Course LocationEast Grinstead
Tobias School of Art and Therapy,
Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4LZ - Get Directions

How will it benefit you
  •  Immediately feel lighter and happier in yourself
  • Recognise you are not alone in your suffering
  • Increase your happiness quotient
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Understand the fundamentals of self-regulation
  • Living to your full potential
  • View yourself from a new perspective
  • Celebrate difference and diversity
  • Get vital support from others in the same position
What you will learn
  • The difference between passive and active aggression
  • What anger is not
  • The different types of anger
  • How to avoid shame spirals
  • Anger from the perspective of a child, an adult, and a parent
  • The regressive power of historical anger
  • Managing stress, and techniques for resolving conflicts
  • To stop taking things so personally
  • How to interrupt negative emotional cycles
  • To express your anger cleanly
  • Why stress fuels your anger
  • To control your thoughts and mistaken beliefs
  • Strategies to cope with other people’s anger
  • *The six golden rules of anger management
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