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Communication styles

Three Communication Styles, which one you are?

(Tick as many boxes that apply to you)


There are times when I find it hard to be myself?(Required)
I am a happy and content person?(Required)
I long for a chance to start over again?(Required)
I think I am living a fulfilling life?(Required)
My life is boring and lacks excitement?(Required)
I worry about the outcome of events?(Required)
I have the energy and endurance I need?(Required)
I feel motivated to accomplish things?(Required)
I feel sad and 'down in the dumps'?(Required)
I feel in control of my eating habits?(Required)
I feel sluggish and lack energy?(Required)
I feel loved by someone important to me?(Required)
I accomplish things that I feel are important?(Required)
My life is not stimulating?(Required)
I have stomach trouble?(Required)
I feel well organised and think clearly?(Required)
I get what I want?(Required)
I am comfortable with the people around me?(Required)
I am resentful about things that have happened to me in the past?(Required)
I feel physically strong and capable?(Required)
I am in conflict between how I think I should be and how I am?(Required)
Day to day living is boring me?(Required)
I have guilt feelings about eating?(Required)
I have difficulty keeping my mind under control?(Required)
I feel excluded or rejected by people?(Required)
I feel peaceful?(Required)
I feel lonely?(Required)
I have a clear conscience?(Required)
I have aches and pains?(Required)
I have the standard of living I think I deserve?(Required)
I have pleasant feelings?(Required)
It's difficult for me to get close to people?(Required)
I worry about my weight?(Required)
I have feelings of belonging?(Required)
I feel as though I am part of a family?(Required)
I feel that things that happen to me are not fair?(Required)
I do remember things that are important?(Required)
I feel nervous or uptight?(Required)
I feel good about my eating habits?(Required)
I enjoy having people around me?(Required)

Submit your results along with your email address for a chance to Win a place on one of our Calming Strategy days.

Anger: If not expressed respectfully is a Defence Mechanism.


Rage is when anger is totally out of control and can eventually lead to violence or some form of desperate acting out. Rage is not due to an instantaneous event, but has a regressive element; it has its roots somewhere in the recent or distant past. Rage is anger with its eyes closed.

One comment on “Communication styles

  1. I am not surprised by my results, but I am interested in finding out how I can help others to make this organisation a safe place to speak up

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