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Over 20,000 people have come to us feeling discouraged and unable to cope with their anger over the past 17 years. 82% of previous attendees found that the anger management programme helped enormously even after 18 months later. 100% of attendees said that they would suggest our programme to others.
We regularly contribute to the international media and our book 'Beating Anger' written by Mike Fisher has sold well over 65,000 copies since publication in 2005. In June 2012 Mike Fisher's second book, 'Mindfulness & the Art of Managing Anger' was released by Leaping Hare Press and has been equally well received.
If you find that your anger is costing you far too much in relation to your family, career and health, then perhaps it's time you examine it by booking onto one of our anger management programmes in a location practical for you. We know you'll be amazed by just how much you'll learn.

To discover more about yourself, start by taking the free tests below:

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Do you suffer from ‘female fury’? Here’s how to make it work for you

16th September 2019Uncategorized Standard

Experts say that ‘female fury’ is reaching epidemic proportions -­ Julia Molony finds out how this rage can actually help women Annoyance, exasperation, irritation, frustration. For most of us, these feelings are part of the ever-changing emotional weather of day-to-day life. How often, on a given day, do you find yourself swallowing down resentment, orRead more

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Is anger really the problem, or is it something else?

5th February 2019Uncategorized Standard

Is anger really the problem, or is it something else?Read more

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Ten Anger Management Tips for 2019 New Years Resolution

10th January 2019Uncategorized Standard

This video offers you ten powerful tips for managing your anger in the coming year 2019Read more

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Riding the Rapids

4th October 2018Uncategorized Standard

  Benefits of APT:       Useful Links: * Anger Management for young people * Previous participants testimonials * Books by Mike FisherRead more

How to Control Your Anger

24th July 2018Uncategorized Standard

How to Control Your Anger Everyone reacts differently to different scenarios and anger is a completely natural response to external or internal factors that might be troubling you. However, when your anger takes over you and makes you harm yourself or those around you, that is when you need to learn how to control andRead more

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The Consequences of acting out in Anger

12th July 2018Uncategorized Standard

Why it’s best not to avoid attending an anger management course: The consequences of acting out in anger Anger is natural and every person at some point in their life have had serious anger outbursts at something that might have triggered such an emotion. Anger becomes a problem when the outbursts are too frequent andRead more

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Low Self-Esteem and Anger

9th July 2018Uncategorized Standard

Low Self-Esteem and Anger Under the right circumstances, an outburst of anger is natural and justified and is designed to protect us from harm. Anger is a feeling that everyone can relate to but it becomes a problem when it is not expressed in a healthy way. Expressing your anger negatively can damage relationships withRead more

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The Effects of Stress and Anger

19th December 2017Uncategorized Standard

Do you know that anger and stress (fear) are emotional expressions that are strongly related? I’m guessing you know that already, but what you may not know is just how exactly they are related. So, read on to get yourself acquainted. When you get frustrated, your body respond by negatively exerting so much effort, andRead more

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The internet stole my children

9th June 2017Uncategorized Standard

The internet Stole my children  Read more

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The Protection Instinct

11th October 2016Uncategorized Standard

    You may find in life that some individuals are more guarded than others. For example they may talk freely about some topics and constrict the information they are giving you in other areas. Some people may just shut down completely. This is because they feel naturally inclined to protect themselves in certain situations.Read more

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