Calming Strategy - 1 Day Course
17th May 2017Programmes Standard

Increase Your Happiness Quotient Today!

BAAM presents it’s latest One-Day Course* designed with you in mind. Learn to manage disagreements, strong feelings and develop advanced communication skills with the aim to create calm in your life.

A 10 Point Plan

Learn how to be Cool, Calm and Selective

1. Stop, think – See the big picture
2. Active listening –  Empathy in mind
3. Agree to Disagree – It’s okay to have a different opinion
4. Clean communication – Non-violent conversations
5. Letting go of attachments – Zero duality
6. Stop compromising – Go for Win/Win
7. De-stressing – Remain calm under pressure
8. Stop taking things personally – Reduce needless suffering instantly
9. Appreciate what you have – Living with gratitude
10. The Power of Now – Living in the moment

For more information please visit the Calming Strategy website.