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13th July 2016Uncategorized Standard

You should be able to feel refreshed and revitalised after a decent night’s sleep, being able to work the whole day without agitation. After a long hard day at work it is natural to feel tired but in a pleasant way, especially if your job has high job satisfaction. We need to feel like weRead more

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13th July 2016Heartbreak Standard

Your brain is drowned in dopamine and oxytocin the “happy chemicals” or neurotransmitters of the brain. When the relationship comes to an end, the happy chemicals leave your system and are replaced by cortisol, adrenaline and epinephrine the stress chemicals. The stress of the break up takes the body into fight or flight mode.  Read more

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29th June 2016Heartbreak Standard

There is no denying that rejection hurts, but why is it that it brings up feelings of anger? Feeling loved and accepted is a primary human need and when you feel rejected you are being denied just that. When you are rejected, it can cause the same feeling as physical pain. This is because rejectionRead more

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