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Become An Anger and Stress Management Specialist with Anger Academy

Become An Anger and Stress Management Specialist

The Anger Academy is the world’s foremost training centre for coaches in the field of anger and stress management. We’re taking our courses online again in January 2022.

If you want to help people deal with stress, shame, loneliness and depression, keep families together, save relationships, advise organisations, and learn valuable skills in a growing area, our next eight-month, part-time course runs from 10th January 2022 and ends on the 25th July 2022. Weekly three-hour lessons are supplemented by e-learning resource documents, shadowing Mike Fisher during BAAM coaching sessions, and more.

Anger Academy’s courses are devised, hosted and taught by Mike Fisher, author of Beating Anger and the founder of The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM).

The fundamental Aggression Prevention Training (APT) course is taught over eight months. It comprises: a once-weekly, three-hour evening session taught online via Zoom, a total of 70 hours individual e-learning from set documents and texts, and a four-day in-person coaches’ retreat.

The APT course also includes modules teaching how to conduct group therapy sessions and one-on-one work. It’s an essential qualification for anyone hoping to work as a coach within BAAM itself. Additional qualifications are available in areas such as working with families and children, and incorporating mindfulness techniques into anger and stress management programmes.

Statistics show that there is more demand for anger and stress management from the public, and in the occupational sphere, than ever before.

BAAM works not only with individual clients aiming for better anger and stress management skills, but also with organisations looking to improve their internal culture, or provide their workers with the skills to cope in high pressure situations.

You can find out more on our dedicated Anger Academy website and at The British Association of Anger Management portal too.

Join us from November on a journey that could change not only your own life for the better, but the lives of the people you touch too.

Course runs from Monday 11th January to 26th April 2021 inclusive. Three-hour online lessons are presented on Monday evenings 6.30-9.30pm UK time.

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