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Anger Management for Children / Teenagers

Most teenagers experience anger from time to time. It’s a natural feeling, like the rest of our feelings. Something that everyone experiences. It’s also part of our nature to express what we feel in some way. But, often with children and teenagers, their feelings of anger can become uncontrollable and then they can find themselves in challenging situations – in the worst case scenarios within an educational or correctional environment. As a result, anger management coaching has become a priority in many schools across the UK, helping students to manage and control their angry outbursts and prevent exclusion or legal intervention. This 16 hour programme (45 to 60 minutes per week) is extremely effective with 11 to 17 year olds when they recognise that they have issues with their anger and are open to finding another way to communicating their feelings constructively.

This programme is effective as a one to one coaching session and also within a group.

Anger Management for Children and Young People

What the young person will learn:

• The six rules of anger management
• Clear definitions of anger
• Where anger effects them most – school, family, friends, with the law etc.
• How does anger affect you and why
• The anger pie
• How we use our anger and what we do with it
• The three kinds of anger
• Anger styles
• Anger triggers
• The three communication styles
• The clearing process
• Anger substitutes
• The angry brain
• Going with the FLOW and so much more….

Young People who complete this course will be able to:

• Identify and recognise multiple choices for decisions they make
• Consider both positive and negative consequences of these choices
• Stop and think before acting – apply the six rules of anger management
• Communicate their needs and feelings in a healthy and constructive way
• Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
• Recognise and understand the positive and negative attributes of anger
• Communicate needs, wants and feelings more assertively
• Recognise the physiological signs of anger, as well as personal triggers
• Utilise cooling off techniques to de-escalate their anger
• Identify how to use the different parts of the brain to manage anger
• Identify creative alternatives to arguing and fighting
Anger Management tools and skills


Teenagers who want to learn how to:

• make better decisions on a day-to-day basis
• stop and think before they act
• effectively communicate with those in authority
• use power in healthy and productive ways
• better manage emotions and control anger
• avoid confrontations
• problem solve
• effectively communicate feelings and needs

Coaching children/teenagers with Mike Fisher  – Delivered online via Skype/Facetime

Working with young people during the electronic age has become very challenging for parents and young people alike.

Studies show that there is an increase in young people becoming more and more aggressive in the home, classroom, playground and in the local community during to the re-hard wiring of their neural circuitry.

What can you do about it?

Mike Fisher has over 20 years of experience in working with this client group.

Give Mike a call, do an assessment with the young person and take it from there.

This is beneficial if you are having difficulty finding a counsellor/coach in your area that understands and specialises in stress and anger management with young people. If you want the convenience and privacy of your child doing personal growth work using face time or skype then call Mike for an initial assessment and take it from there.

Initial assessment £150 per hour.

(A commitment to 16/20 sessions is required in order for the young person to complete the programme.)

All sessions to be paid in advanced and this includes a workbook and a certificate (pdf) upon completion.

Please note: Mike always works with a parent alongside the young person because the adult needs to also learn the skills used to manage anger and model that for the young person.

Book an Initial Assessment
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