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Anger Management Family Course

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We work with families a great deal at BAAM. Modern family life is demanding, and parenting styles passed down through the generations can cause anger issues.
But we’re here to help.
A one-off Initial Assessment, priced at £275 for one hour, is required first. The Family Course requires a commitment of sixteen one-hour sessions which is priced on request.


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Why learn anger management for families?

Healing disruption within the family unit is one of our most important jobs here at BAAM.
Family therapy can of course be challenging. But it can avoid a lifetime of misunderstanding and hurt.
Cultivate your compassion, understanding and love for your family with us. You’ll also learn skills that can help you at work, and life in general.
Sixteen hours of personal coaching allows for a deep-dive into your family’s anger issues. You’ll all also learn bespoke techniques to stop tempers slipping out of control.
Working with Mike directly is especially beneficial if you are having difficulty finding a counsellor or coach in your local area that understands or specialises in stress and anger management issues.
The whole family can join from the comfort of your home, and older children no longer living any home can join the call too if required.
Turn your back on rage, improve the atmosphere at home, live a more fulfilling life, and reduce your stress levels alongside one of the most accomplished coaches in the field.

BAAM’s cancellation policy

By acceptance of these terms you agree to complete the full 16 sessions. No refunds will be given.
We ask for two working days’ notice of a cancellation in order to schedule another appointment, otherwise your fee will be forfeited.
If you would like a further appointment after cancelling within less than two working days’ notice then an additional cost will be added.
If you wish to cancel your appointment and give two working days notice, we will simply re-schedule a date for you.
If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and no refund is offered.

Booking Terms

A commitment to 16 sessions is required in order to complete the programme.
All sessions must be paid in advanced. The price includes an official BAAM workbook at the start, and a PDF certificate upon completion
By asking for full payment in advance, we are requesting your full commitment and participation to the programme. We do not offer a refund should you decide to not continue with the work.

Course facilitator

Mike Fisher Icon Mike Fisher
The ‘brains behind BAAM’ has over 26 years of experience in the field of personal and professional development. Mike has become known as one of the leading experts in the field of anger management in the UK

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If you're feeling uncertain about which anger management course is right for you, why not book a 20-minute call with Mike Fisher to discuss your options and gain a clearer understanding.

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