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Anger Awareness Week 2021

Anger Awareness Week 2021

BAAM’s 21st annual Anger Awareness Week takes place from 1-7 December 2021.

This year Anger Awareness Week focuses on the topic of emotional resilience – staying calm and courageous when faced with challenging life developments.

The Covid-19 pandemic, financial turmoil, and fast-paced social change have placed many of us under one or another form of stress recently.

Developing emotional resilience to deal with difficult life events is a skill that’s always been a part of BAAM’s our anger management courses – and now, more than ever.

You can read Mike Fisher’s guide to developing emotional resilience on our blog here. Plus, on Saturday 4th December we’re hosting a special live Zoomcast on the subject that you can attend for free. 

You can also download our Keep Your Cool This Yule Kit with tips for surviving family Christmas, and our A to Z of Surviving Christmas featuring seasonal anger management advice for all the family!

This year marks only the second time in our 25-plus-year history that we’ve run group courses in November and December.

Stay locked to our Facebook and Instagram accounts plus our blog right here on the website for updates and useful resources!

Everyone at BAAM wishes you a serene holiday period – as much as possible anyway!

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