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Anger and Wisdom

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“I was angry
with my friend
I told my wrath,
my wrath did end.
I was angry
with my foe:
I told him not,
my wrath
did grow.”

William Blake

Anger and Wisdom

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Mental Health Organisation: Boiling Point Report 2008
For Mental Health Action Week 2008, the Mental Health Organisation launched a report ‘Boiling Point’ about problem anger, how it affects individuals, families and communities, and what we can do to minimise the harm it causes.

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Cool Down:
Anger & How to Deal with it.
A Mental Health Foundation publication

Bully OnLine is the world’s largest resource on workplace bullying and related issues. www.bullyonline.org

Family Mediators Association:
Family mediation is a voluntary process by which couples in dispute, particularly those going through separation or divorce, are helped to deal with arrangements for their future. www.thefma.co.uk

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BODY Intelligence
BODY intelligence is an e-book available to download developed by Ged Sumner, a practicing Craniosacral Therapist and Chi Kung teacher. BODY Intelligence will introduce you to a new understanding of how your body works and lead you to an enriched sense of self. It is a book for everyone.

The anatomy of your body will be explored without the complexity of medical terminology. In its place common descriptions are used along with a multitude of images to allow you to envisage and work with the different levels of your body.

The aim of this book is to change your perception about the body you live in. Different aspects of your body are explored through experiential exercises, guided meditations and movements that lead to improved levels of health and body intelligence that are naturally yours and accessible all the time. As your body intelligence increases through these exercises you will notice physical changes occurring and a new posture emerging which will be followed by positive mental and emotional shifts. You therefore, begin to feel different, move differently and think differently.

This book will benefit everyone. People experiencing depression, fatigue, emotional issues, stress and anxiety and in fact any condition associated with living in a human body have the potential to be relieved of their symptoms with practice using this book as guidance.


The part anger plays in our lives.
Anger is a valid, healthy emotion. However, many of us learned from a very young age, that anger can be dangerous and destructive. In the words of anger management guru John Lee, “Anger equals pain”. As children, it is vital that our angry feelings are accepted by our caretakers. If these feelings are not heard and respected, we carry our resentments into adulthood and project them onto others, especially loved ones, work colleagues and those in authority. As grown ups, most of us fall into two distinct categories of behaviour, affecting both our mental and physical states. This in turn can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, ill health, relationship break-down and loss of job etc.

Are you an exploder or imploder?
There are usually two ways that most of us deal with our anger, either to implode or explode. Exploders move from anger into rage quickly. These are adult temper tantrums. Exploders are irrational in their regressed state and cause harm to themselves and to those around them. Their anger is the rage of the moment. Exploders are unable to look at the big picture and are swamped by the reptilian and mammalian part of the brain. Rage is anger out of control.Imploders stuff their anger. They “bottle” it for long periods of time because of fear, insecurity and low self-esteem. Initially, it appears to cause little harm to them. Imploders however cannot hold the anger in forever, they must let it out. They are walking time bombs, just waiting to explode. The longer it is held in the more damage it does to the person retaining it. It takes its toll physically! An imploder will eventually become an exploder. It is only a matter of time. As irrational as the exploder may seem, the imploder appears more so. Imploders stack dominoes called emotion and pain. When dominoes are knocked over, they fall on the next in line and cause a chain reaction. All it takes to knock over the first domino is an insignificant event at the wrong time. Imploders usually explode!

These are important treatment areas:
• Anger Management
• Defense Mechanisms
• What anger isn’t
• Attitudes
• Behaviours
• Feelings
• Causes
• Road Rage
• The Wheel of Emotions
• Temper Control
• Anger Scale (degrees of anger)
• Do’s and Don’ts
• Giving and Receiving Feedback
• Understanding Anger
• Recognition and Expression

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