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Anger & Addictions

Anger & Addictions

Overcoming Addiction and Anger: Insights from Mike Fisher, Founder of the British Association of Anger Management

Are you struggling with addiction or anger issues? You’re not alone. In a new video titled “Anger and Addictions,” Mike Fisher, founder of the British Association of Anger Management, shares his personal story of overcoming addiction and how it relates to managing anger.

Mike opens up about his own struggles with addiction, particularly with cannabis, and how he replaced the addiction with work overload and later with food. He realized that he was using his addiction to hide his feelings and anger. Through his years of experience as an anger coach, Mike has found that many people use their anger in the same way as an addiction, becoming addicted to the intensity of anger.

But he discovered deeper feelings of shame, fear, hurt, and grief beneath his anger. Once he recognized and started working on these underlying feelings, he overcame his addictions and managed his anger.

In his book, “Beating Anger,” Mike shares more about his personal experiences with anger issues and provides guidance for people to manage their anger. The book is an excellent resource for anyone struggling with anger issues, addiction, or both.

If you’re looking for insights on how to overcome addiction and anger, Mike’s personal story and expertise are definitely worth checking out. With his guidance and support, you, too, can start working towards a more fulfilling life.

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