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All the rage

All The Rage

Solicitors are paid to be level-leaded and analytical, but those same skills and motivations can also lead to anger management issues. Mike Fisher looks at why, and offers solicitors some tips for managing their anger

Mike Fisher

It strikes me that anger management consultants have a lot in common with solicitors. In many cases, we both deal with the fallout of individuals unable to contain their rage, with the resultant consequences varying in extremity and cost. The lucky ones recognise their anger problem before a court order sends them to me.

Every day in my office, I encounter people who have lost access to their children, their job or their loved ones because they refused to listen to people’s feedback. Many believed they would get away with their angry outbursts forever – until the law stepped in.

But what happens when it’s the solicitors who are angry?

It may seem odd that solicitors can be angry people. They are paid to be level-headed, cool, calm and collected, with naturally excellent negotiating skills.

Anger tricks you into thinking that you’re still ahead of the game

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