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The Wisdom Track Podcast #13 – Repairing Relationships and Rebuilding Trust

This month we’re talking about the skill of making up with with friends, lovers or colleagues after a falling out. Read Snake’s blog on the subject too for extra background to the conversation.   Psychotherapists call this ‘rupture and repair’. There is evidence to suggest that building up our talent to repair after ruptures is key […]

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Snake on: Rupture and Repair

Mending trust is the topic of our next podcast at 4pm Sat 26 Feb. Click here to register for the Zoomcast and join the discussion live! Find Snake at snakebloomstrand.com and hear him on previous episodes of our Wisdom Track Podcast. “Modern psychology presents the concept of ‘rupture and repair’ as a break or progressive […]

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The Wisdom Track Podcast: Better loving for Heterosexual Men

BAAM co-founder Mike Fisher and Craig ‘Snake’ Bloomstrand are joined by Paul Abramowitz, writer of a new book Sexed. Listen to the podcast above or on Apple Podcasts. Please like and subscribe, it really helps to get the message out! Sexed examines heterosexual male sexuality, and proposes that we “Develop personal methods of enquiry into […]

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